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A design artist living in Wollongong, AUS. You've made it to my website! Here you can see a collection of my ideas and artworks from previous projects. Thanks for visiting :) Send an email to for any enquiries.

the world of TWITTER and microblogging

mia tuuya

Oh the world of twitter and microblogging….

The whole social media world is one crazy phenomenon in itself. And twitter is just another phenomena within that phenomenon. As a teen, I was exposed to and first used twitter a lot earlier than was needed… constantly connecting, engaging, learning and educating myself on what I valued as ‘interesting’ or beneficial to me at the time. And let me tell you that all that included was a bunch of hilarious vine videos, my favourite punk bands of the time and the tallest NBA players. So all in all… not so beneficial to all those around me, but great for me at the time as I was finding my niche on the internet. Yay for past me!

When walking into my first ever BCM325 tutorial and being told by lecturer Christopher Moore that we would be ‘live-tweeting’ over the course of the next…

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the RECYCLED 3D printing world

mia tuuya

The 3D printing world – Additive Manufacturing Technology (AR) – is truly magical as it is the result of countless technology sectors combined in a result to enhance greater functionality beyond the initial intention of just prototyping. It’s a constantly growing global market and is predicted to reach $16.2 billion by 2018. The phenomenon of the 3D printing world is a never-ending discovery of ways in which we can improve today’s manufacturing industry and enhance the evolution of a SUSTAINABLE WORLD. With it’s ongoing countless advancements, the future is turning out to be just one big science fiction movie, however the course of that sci-fi movie is truly up to us. The prediction of such a society in which ‘almost anything’ can be made with a 3D printer is noted by robotics engineer Hod Lipson and technology writer Melba Kurman in their book Fabricated: The New World of 3D…

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