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Beta Commentary

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Comment 1 – feeling beta than ever – UOW Visual Arts Society DA

Emma’s digital artefact is based on her experience forming the UOW Visual Arts Society at university and focussed on the management of the club’s digital marketing. I definitely related to this DA as it is quite similar to my own being active on tiktok. One of her main research points for the project revolved around how she can use social media to engage and recruit new members of the club. So I provided some advice on how small businesses use social media to their advantage. As I use tiktok for my own DA, I encouraged Emma to post content that aligns with the current trends on social media so her followers relate to the content that is being posted.

Additionally, I feel as though constantly posting on social media and understanding the algorithm would be beneficial. According…

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Future of UOWDMS on TikTok

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BCM325 Beta

Developing my future business plan for UOWDMS on TikTok has been a journey. In the initial stages of my prototyping I intended on making 2 visual essays. However, after I began this project I realised that there is more information I wanted to share.

Alvin Toffler (1970) states “Futurists do not ignore the present”, which leads into the idea that “History cannot be imagined without the concept of the past having a future” (Moore, 2021). So I wanted to research what is happening on TikTok now to ideally create a business plan that will aid for what might happen in the future.

As a result, I decided to start a series on my YouTube Channel. This consists of 6 parts and includes my final business plan for the TikTok platform. 


Moore, C., 2019. BCM325 Futurists. Youtube Lecture. Future Cultures BCM325. University of Wollongong. Delivered 10/03/19.

Moore, C…

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Pitch Commentary

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Comment 1 – The Future of Beauty

Serena’s concept revolved around the future of beauty and the industry as a whole. Her Digital Artefact will be in the form of blog posts and audio. As I already have some background knowledge about the beauty community, I felt as though my comment could potentially be helpful to Serena as we share similar interests. Her main goal is to understand what trends might become popular in the future. One of the points she mentioned in her pitch was in regards to how past trends are often recreated in the future. As a result, I elaborated more on that point and responded with an article that gives some examples of how the past can be reinvented in the future.

Additionally, one concept Serena didn’t mention was the evolution of technology in the beauty world. There have recently been new products and services released…

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Live Tweeting Curation

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Memes are always superior in BCM

Sci-Fi movies and I don’t necessarily have the best relationship. It is sort of one of those genres that I deliberately stay away from. As a result, at some stages of live tweeting I found it really hard to properly engage with other students because I literally am way too confused. So far I have only seen one film prior to the seminar – Metropolis, but only because I studied it for the HSC and I still have nightmares. 

To make my life easier in preparation for each seminar I briefly research the film and curate some Tweets before I start the screening. In the first week or so, I would prepare about 8 tweets, but as the weeks went on I chose to only prepare 6 at the most. This has given me the chance to participate in actual live tweeting. It…

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Future Of DMS On TikTok

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BCM325 Pitch

I am exploring the future of TikTok as a platform and will cater these findings to form a business for the UOWDMS TikTok platform. 

I aim to research what shapes a successful influencer on TikTok and understand how these findings are going to help the future of DMS on TikTok. This means I will also research the new careers, genres, types of content, trends and patterns that are present because of TikTok. As a result, these findings will form a business plan for future DMS TikTok content creators. This will be broken up into two parts; short term and medium term plans. 

Ward (2020) highlights that business plans are important as they forecast and allow for expansion in the future. It can also include “strategies and timelines for the transfer to new ownership or dissolution of the company.” This is significant as eventually I will graduate and the…

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