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The Future of Surveillance

Generally unimpressed.

Project concept

My digital artefact is three videos posted on YouTube which attempt to address the future of surveillance in Australia with particular attention paid to the COVIDSafe app. Videos one and two attempt to lay some of the foundational knowledge required for the viewing of video three. In the week six subject lecture  it  was expressed that a futurists job is to “analyse data from the past, identify current trends and offer predictions in both factual and fictional forms.”, by using videos one and two as an exploration of our past and present, and using video three to offer predictions through possible, preferred and potential futures, I believe that I am fulfilling the role of a futurist. 

Video one: explored smart cities and the social credit system in China. By examining other countries use of surveillance I can more accurately predict the future of surveillance in Australia. 

Video two: Explored the COVIDSafe app and how…

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Live Tweeting and My Experience

Generally unimpressed.

Throughout weeks six to twelve we watched a number of films which all had relations to some of the topics which we explored within class – all having central themes of AI, Cyborgs, Cybernetics and Cyberculture. Below I’ll share some of my most prominent tweets and interactions and critically reflect on what I did, and what I could do better.

Engagement with peers

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 9.53.56 am

For this tweet I posed a question to my peers asking why cyborgs were made to feel pain when their mechanical limbs were injured with reference to motorball athletes. In my last reflection on live tweeting I noted that including questions in your tweets was a great way to form meaningful discussion. I found that during this round of live tweeting this approach was a bit hit or miss, but this tweet was definitely a hit and I really enjoyed the discussion it created. Moving forward in…

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My precious feedback

Generally unimpressed.

Commenting on my peers beta presentations was incredibly interesting, I was able to see what sort of progress everyone else was making on their DA’s and it helped me think about some aspects I could improve in my own DA.

Peer 1: Julia 

Julia’s DA is an exploration of cyberculture through edits she is posting on Instagram and TikTok.

My Feedback: 

  • The content being posted on TikTok (photos) isn’t suitable for the medium – you must keep McLuhan’s concept of the medium is the message in mind. Try posting either short video edits or videos of yourself editing the photos instead.
  • I provided this source to help Julia understand the way the algorithm on TikTok works to help explain why photos on this platform may not be the best approach.
  • Recommendation to uses non cyberpunk images and make them cyberpunk themed through editing. By using non cyberpunk images and editing…

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DA Update; BETA Pitch

Generally unimpressed.

As explained in my beta video (below) my DA is now going to be comprised of three videos uploaded on youtube.

  • Video one: Explored smart cities and the social credit system in China. This video is available here 
  • Video Two: At the moment video two is still in the production stages with the final touches being added to the script. So far, this video will address the surveillance measures that are occurring due to coronavirus (such as the COVIDSafe app) and smart/predictive policing.
  • Video Three: Will bring together the research in video one and video two to ideate a number of futures. Here I will act as a sort of futurist in using futures thinking to predict a possible, preferred and potential future using the futures thinking approach.

Watch my BETA below:

Research and engagement with lectures:

Throughout the research phase I collected massive amounts of research from a…

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Multitasking at its finest aka live tweeting

Generally unimpressed.

Throughout weeks one to five my BCM325 class engaged in live tweeting, an exercise where we were expected to contribute to a discussion about a particular film each week.  I will not be including all of my tweets and interactions, so you can check out my Twitter here.

Engagement with my Peers

Throughout my live tweeting sessions I made sure to show support to my peers by retweeting and liking their content. There were a number of tweets where I engaged with their ideas by responding with my own thoughts. 

This interaction was helpful in showing me the value of interacting with my peers and joining in on the conversation – even if other people have already attempted to provide solutions. This sort of mindset is something I have tried to abide by in the following weeks as I believe the more people that interact with an insight –…

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Watch out! The Future of Surveillance

Generally unimpressed.

My BCM325 DA Pitch is up and ready to watch here. My concept is the future of surveillance in the next 50 years and how this will affect society at large. I will tie today’s and the potential future of technology to those seen in science fiction films (such as AI technology in 2001: A Space Odyssey) to highlight what Istvan Csicery Ronay calls the ‘prehistory of the future’. Science fiction films are important as they give us a way to visualise the future, meaning they have immense control over how we think about the future.

Other areas for research include a phenomena known as ‘Smart Cities‘ which are found predominately in China. Here, data is gathered from almost every aspect of  life via constant surveillance in a bid to enhance travel, more efficiently use resources and improve infrastructure management. The question here will be, ‘is this the…

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