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‘This Is The End’: Digital Artefact Contextual Report


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My concept focused on the impact that social media is having on the film industry in terms of production and storytelling. I chose to present my DA as a blog series consisting of three posts, as this felt like the best medium to articulate my thoughts. My goal was to gather as much information as I could on social media’s recent past to gain some reasonable insight into possible futures. There isn’t a lot of published research surrounding the future of the film industry in terms of culture. I had to draw my own conclusions based on the knowledge I gained from popular media and my own understanding of the current culture on social media.


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‘We’ll Do It Live!’: Live Tweeting Critical Summary, Vol. 2


The first blog I posted on my live tweeting experience was detailing the screenings from weeks one to five. This time, I’m going to be reflecting on the screenings from weeks six to eleven, which will bring my live tweeting to a close. Based on the feedback from my last blog post, my aim was to integrate more lecture content in my tweets. The quality of my tweets has drastically improved and that has reflected well in the increase in engagement. I will show you a few examples in this blog.

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Week Six: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

The week six screening was Blade Runner 2049. The topic of this week’s lecture was futurists, which is what guided my research prior to the screening. I managed to draft several tweets that related to the lecture topics, including these tweets about the representation of robotics in the film. I…

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Say ‘No to Peer Pressure, and ‘Yes’ to Peer Commentary, Vol. 2


Just as we did when we posted our DA pitches, we have been asked to comment on our peers’ beta presentations. I was really excited to see how my peers were coming along with their projects, and ready to pick up on some tips, both through their presentations and their comments on my presentation. I felt a bit more prepared to comment on their presentations this time around, given that this is our second round of peer commentary and I believe I have a better understanding of the lecture content.

Comment One

The first comment I posted was on Bronte Willis’ beta. Her DA is a short film and script about her own mental health journey during the covid period, that also aims to discuss the future of mental health in cinema. Bronte wants to pursue a career in this field, so this project will be contributing to her…

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It Can Only Get ‘Beta’ From Here


Click here to read the first blog post of my DA!

There are several reasons why I decided to shift the core focus of my DA. First being my lack of marketing knowledge. I found myself liking the idea but gravitating towards other perspectives. Secondly, in the week 7 lecture, Chris gave a brief discussion on cybercultures. This inspired me to think about social media as its own culture, and how it’s culture that influences what kind of films that are made. The topic itself is broad and while I have chosen to focus on the culture of social media, I am aware that there are many different factors that contribute to the overall impact of social media on film production. As I continue my research, I am completely open to the idea that my focus may be altered or change entirely.

I have found a variety of research…

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‘We’ll Do It Live!’: Live Tweeting Critical Summary, Vol 1.


For the subject BCM325, we have been asked to participate in weekly screenings of films that pertain to the subject material. We engage with these films through live tweeting, posting both our own original tweets and interacting with other classmates tweets. In this blog post, I will be recounting and critically evaluating my experience with live tweeting thus far this semester.

Image: deSingel

Week One: Metropolis (1927)

The first week of live tweeting proved to be challenging. The tweets that I posted felt as though they were surface level observations; mostly pointing out aspects of the film and its context that I found interesting.

Given that Metropolis is a silent film, it was difficult to focus on…

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Say ‘No’ to Peer Pressure, and ‘Yes’ to Peer Commentary, Vol. 1


A few weeks ago, my peers and I posted our digital artifact pitches for BCM325. Over this time, I personally have come to realise how my project could be improved. I came to this realisation through feedback from my tutor and our progression through the course material, as well as my own rumination.

As a part of our assessment, we are required to comment and give advice on 3 of our peers pitches. By analysing their project pitches and having to come up with feedback, I have further realised aspects of my DA that I didn’t consider, as well as areas that need to be revised. I will go through these as I go over the pitches I commented on.

Comment One

My first comment was on Emma Jenkin’s pitch – Chae Media’s Future. Chae is Emma’s company that she created with two other partners, Chelsea and Hannah, as…

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Social Media vs. The Film Industry


Hi, everyone! This is my DA pitch for BCM325.

My Digital Artifact will focus on how social media is used as a marketing tool for the film industry, and how this both aids and hinders how films are produced and promoted.

As pertaining to the week 3 lecture, I will use my research on past social media trends in relation to filmmaking and consumption to reasonably predict future consumer interests and trends in the next 1-5 (short term) and 5-10 (medium term) years.

Here is a rough production timeline I have planned for my DA:

There are also some articles that helped me formulate my idea, and that I could potentially use as research:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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