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Hey I'm Misha, a university student studying a Bach of Communication and Media completing a major in Marketing and Advertisment!

Critical Reflection of My Live Tweets: Blog 4

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Future culture is the discussion of how integrated technologies can affect the dynamics of society, its ideas, behaviors and how it operates. Each week in BCM325, we are giving a focus film that highlights one or multiple ideas of future cultures. During the screening we are required to curate original tweets, along with interaction tweets.

Within this blog post I am demonstrating how I have improved since my last self-reflection and criticize areas I have done an adequate or lacking effort since then.

Original Tweets: Linking Sources

Through self-reflection and feedback from my tutorial teacher, I understood that I should embed more academic sources into my original tweets. My tweets display an adequate attempt in gaining academic researched, linked with the weekly topic.

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Beta Comments: Reflecting On My Comments

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As apart of our task within BCM325 we are required to critically reflect on our feedback comments we provide to other students digital artefacts. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate a professional consistency with engagement with our task and our own learning.

My first comment was on Hannah’s beta presentation. Her project focused on the future of table top games, including Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), and how the use of online platforms aid in the development of how games are played and experienced. In my comment I believe I provided some valuable feedback as a reflection on how she could potentially improve on her projects interaction with users. I was able to also demonstrate a deep reflection on her project by providing feedback and opportunities of areas to explore, including the long term future of table top. However, I did not adequate link any sources or refer directly back to…

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DA Update: Big Changes

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This Beta video outlines how my digital artefact is going and the changes that I made. The original concept was based around running an Instagram page that was devoted to spreading awareness for future generations on women’s health issues. After some crucial feedback from my tutorial teacher and fellow students, I decided that my digital artefact needed to be adjusted. My concept for my digital artefact was changed to further focus on the medical field of the future and how current health issues can lead to crises in the future. I also demonstrated in my video how I have been implementing class work into my post.

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Critical Reflection of My Live Tweets Blog 2

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As apart of our core structure for BCM325 we are required to watch a focus film each week that is based around features of future technologies, future cultures, different world dynamics and the concepts of how we influence the future. During this screening we are required to curate ten original tweets, along with twenty interaction tweets (likes, retweets, comments). This blog is a critical reflection of week one to six of my online interaction, areas I have done well in and personal suggestions on areas I should improve upon.

Firstly, I was able to meet the criteria for this task by producing the minimum number of expected tweets each week. This highlights my engagement with the assessment task, class work and interaction with other students.

Original Tweets: Linking Sources

In a range of my tweets, I was able to reflect upon moments in the screening with research I conducted prior…

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Critical Reflection of My Comments Blog 1

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Apart of our assessment task in BCM325, we are required to comment and give a critical reflection on the projects fellow students are producing. This blog post contains my reflection of my own work, advice I provided other students along with suggested sources.

Serena was my first blog I commented on. Her digital artefact was focusing on the future of the beauty community, in particular future trends.

In my comment I was able to engage with how this topic is suitable as there is an expected growth of this community in the next four years, supported by a source. Additionally, by reflecting on week fours lecture I was able to highlight my understanding on theories being discussed. I provided some critical feedback by asking if the method of producing such content will engage with users directly compared to other media outlets. In this comment, I believe I was able to…

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Empowering the future: My DA for 2021

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My digital artefact is based around the concept of ‘imaging a new future’. This prototype will be directly focusing on women’s health through creating awareness, promoting an understanding in the gender health gap and spreading information. This DA is designed to be useful for future use as it is building a community of support that will follow through the next generation in understanding common and uncommon illnesses women face.

By imaging a future where women’s health issues are not a struggle many have to overcome is a driving force behind this project.

The following articles helped create the concept of this DA:

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