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BCM 325 Beta – Peer Feedback

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For Isaac’s artefact, he wants to do a livestream while working on his graphic design work, and talk with his audience about topics pertaining to the future. I really liked the idea, and his execution is top notch. I couldn’t really find any fault with his beta that came to mind, except for an issue that he himself raised, that being his inability to have a permanent VOD of his streams accessible. He also proposed a solution, in which he would edit together highlights of his stream and upload them to somewhere like YouTube. All in all, his idea is great, and I couldn’t really provide any meaningful feedback for him that he hadn’t thought of himself.

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BCM325 Beta: Secluded Cinema

Dayle’s artefact is a really cool one: she’s taking screenshots from movies that give off feelings of loneliness, isolation, and emptiness, and posting them to a tumblr and Instagram…

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BCM 325 Live-tweeting Review Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Hey everyone, I’m back again for some more live tweeting analysis. I’ll save the explanation of what we’re doing here as we’ve been over this before, but if you want a run down, look here. These tweets were posted for the films we watched between Week 6 through to Week 12 in BCM 325. Let’s get started!

Week 6: Ghost in the Shell

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Of all the topics discussed in the Week 6 lecture looking at futurists, the topic that struck me most was that of transhumanism. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, and our dependence on it as well, we have more and more embraced the notion of transhumanism – of humans embracing technology, and entwining it with their very being. It’s a theme that I first really came across playing the Deus Ex video game series mentioned above, in which the player assumes the role of various characters…

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BCM 325 Beta Report

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Here’s an update on my digital artifact.

The key takeaway from this beta report is that I’ve changed the format of my artifact – I’ve moved from doing a podcast, and instead settled on the idea of doing blog posts. The primary reason for this is that I’m simply to overwhelmed at the moment to be dedicating time to getting used to recording and editing a podcast, and I’m much happier and more comfortable writing blog posts. I understand that a podcast would have been the appropriate choice for this, but even recording this voiceover for my beta was stressful at the best of times.

I definitely feel more confident in my ability to deliver something half decent for my artifact now, and feel that I’m in my comfort zone with the blog posts. I’ve all but finished my first of three posts I plan on doing, and have a…

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Assassins, Dukes, Contessas, Captains, & Ambassadors – OH MY!

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Coup is a card game that puts players in the role of a political figure, who is trying to use their influence over key figures in the political system to lie, steal, and kill their way to power – to execute a coup. And as such, the game very much encourages the player to trust no one except themselves, and to do whatever they can to come out on top.

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Oh look, another drinking game

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If there’s one thing that uni students love, it’s drinking. And lot’s of it. More often than not, too much of it. So when I found out that I had to prototype a game for BCM 300, my first thought was ‘drinking game’, because I lack the creative skills to come up with anything that requires, well, creativity. So I figured I might as well play to my strengths – being a uni student with a complicated relationship with alcohol. I would like to note that binge drinking is a serious problem among young Australians, but at the same time, one generally knows what they’re getting into when it comes to drinking games.


The theme of my game can be summed up in one word: simplicity. When you’re playing a drinking game, you’re not really there to play a game that asks you to question life’s great…

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Twitter Fingers – Live-tweeting review

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Over the past couple of weeks in BCM 325, we’ve been watching one film per week and live-tweeting it – giving commentary, insight, discussing content with others in the hashtag, and also a healthy dose of shitposting. It’s been pretty fun, and now we’ve been asked to provide some play-by-play analysis of our greatest hits from our first few weeks. Let’s have a look.

Week 2 – 2001: A Space Odyssey

**Now, I know what you’re thinking – ‘Mitch, why are you starting at Week 2? There’s a whole week before that!’. To which I say, I was absent Week 1 as I was at the very end of some… ducks behind cover flu-like symptoms, and felt it was best if I didn’t come to uni that day due to this happening during a, um, global pandemic.**

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I’m primarily using this tweet as an excuse to remind people that this…

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What does the future hold for podcasts? – My BCM 325 Pitch

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I’ve chosen the future of podcasts over the next 5-10 years as the focus for my digital artefact, and that’s primarily because I’m a keen consumer of podcasts. I’ve been listening to podcasts for the past 10 or so years, way before they started to take off over the past 3 or 4 years, and as such, I was excited to use this as a chance to see where they might go from here now that they’ve found some mainstream popularity.

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