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Social Media Myth Busting and Cyborgology

My Digital Artefact explores the blurred line between physical reality and online reality with the formation of a new persona and the ideas of humans becoming cyborgs. This is investigated through 4 blog posts that test the tricks and tips about boosting engagement on Instagram–thus, the Social Media Myth Buster!

Monique Lombardo

As Mary Shelly stated in Frankenstein; “The instrument has taken control of its maker, the creation control of his creator.”

The blueprint of our society has now become dependent on social media. We find ourselves living simultaneously within the digital social media world as well as the physical world where Jean Baudrillard argues the absence of the original reality due to the takeover of the “instrument.”

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Social Media Mythbuster

Monique Lombardo

When we reference our reality, it’s hard to differentiate between the physical and digital. The two realms have seamlessly begun to integrate itself into one form of reality—meaning that we live within the physical world and cyberspace simultaneously. Social media is the perfect ideal of living in both worlds at once, always connected and always interacting regardless of physical constraints.

However, theorist Jean Baudrillard notes that our human experience is made up of symbols and signs that merely point to reality. Forms of the digital world such as social media allow individuals—now prosumers—to construct their own perception of reality. Social media then becomes a place for people to build their personas and brands, interact with others, share human experiences whilst also acting as a voyeuristic lurker within the background (Baudrillard, 1994).

With this notion of the digital world being one that we construct, my digital artefact is going to look…

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