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‘The Drone Zone’ DA


Digital Artefact – The Drone Zone (Youtube series)

Episode 1

Episode 2 

The initial aim of my project was to create a podcast series called ‘The Drone Zone’ in which I’d discuss the history of drones, the current technology of drones, and the potential future landscape of drone technology. The discussion would not just be about this technology, but how it has already impacted the world in just the short time it has been around, as well as highlighting the potential impact it could have on the short to mid term future.

This general concept of ‘The Drone Zone’ stayed the same, however through the feedback loop, both online and in-person from peers, ‘The Drone Zone’s‘ medium shifted towards an online episode series, combining the mediums of podcast and video. To an extent I mimicked online shows such as ‘The Phillip DeFranco Show’, recreating his style of narrating…

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Live Tweeting (The Sequel)


After the first session of live tweeting in Future Cultures, I entered the second session with a greater understanding of how to live tweet with research done pre-screening. Unfortunately due to midsession break, a missed week, and the assignment due a day after the last screening, this critical reflection will only encompass the three weeks; iRobot, Robot and Frank, and Marjorie Prime. This also means that one of my favourite films of all time ‘the matrix’ will not be included.

Compared to the first session, I believe I had a greater level of engagement, not only starting conversations with my original tweets, but consciously making an effort to respond to others live tweets, bringing up differing points of view to open up a conversation with the rest of the class.

The hardest week for me to live tweet was Week 8’s ‘iRobot’. The film was a big Hollywood production and ‘held…

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My Feedback (The Sequel)


Learning Assessment Task One: Part Two

For BCM325 Learning Assessment Task 1: Part 2, I provided varying levels of helpful feedback depending on my peer’s Digital Artefact pitches. I had more trouble giving critical feedback on these beta presentations than on the pitch presentations, as many people are already very deep into their final DA. Some of the betas are already self critical, highlighting what it was that they did wrong in their pitch and denoting what is was that they needed to fix.

Page Trang


Page is currently creating a Digital Artefact exploring the relationship between holographic technology and education, delving into its use in the future. I could relate to this topic as like the rest of the bcm325 students, technology is a focal point of my course.

Trang had addressed the timeframe and benefits of holographic technology, directly addressing future cultures. Commenting on this beta…

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The Drone Zone BETA


Contextual Statement

In my Digital Artefact Beta Presentation I discuss how I ended up at the point of creating content for my first episode of the ‘The Drone Zone’ I discuss my reasoning for why I diverted from my original idea, and how the feedback from the pitch affected the medium of ‘The Drone Zone’.

I also discuss what I would’ve done differently if I could start this project over, and how ‘The Drone Zone’ is going to evolve over the course of the next month.

 Project Beta Presentation

Digital Artefact Episode 1

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My Feedback


Learning Assessment Task 1

For BCM325 Learning Assessment Task 1, I provided varying levels of helpful feedback depending on my peer’s Digital Artefact pitches.

Emily Koletti


My Feedback:

Emily is planning on creating a three part podcast series that explores different episodes of Black Mirror and discusses “the techno-paranoia throughout”. I was able to relate to this idea as a big fan of the show Black Mirror.

I believe my most useful feedback out of my three comments was for Emily. I was able to recognise the potential of her idea, but also highlight certain areas that were missing for a great DA, such as the importance of identifying a particular theme that runs throughout the three Black Mirror episodes and use it for the podcast. I also provided a link to Black Mirror technologies that exist in the real world now, and highlighted that the concept…

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Live Tweeting!


After being introduced to live tweeting last year in Digital Asia, I entered Future Cultures this semester with an understanding of what to actually live tweet about. Overall, I had a high level of engagement, with the exception of one or two weeks in which the films were very hard for me to dissect thematically. Whilst perplexing at the time, being challenged with more complex films ultimately led to my skills of finding original content to tweet about much more efficient, exemplified through the latest week of live tweets on ‘Johnny Mnemonic’.

Despite improving my live tweeting skills week to week, one of my most engaged tweets was actually from the first week of ‘Metropolis’.

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Future Cultures DA Pitch


The idea for my BCM325 Digital Artefact is to delve into the idea of ‘the future of drones’, discussing evolving drone technology, as well as how the future drone technology will affect society in the long term.

The way in which I intend to communicate this is through YouTube, posting podcasts and videos to my channel that has 107 subscribers.

Due to drone technology only being introduced for public consumption recently, the long-term future poses many questions of how the future will function with this ever-increasing technology.

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