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BCM325: Future Cultures Challenge – Assignment 3


Click here to access my digital artefact.

In BCM325 this semester, I have chosen to carry on with a digital artefact that I had developed in previous subjects during my time at the University of Wollongong. Prior to this semester, my digital artefact was purely a page showcasing everything aviation, in particular however surrounding the airline Qantas. Although, to address the Future Cultures Challenge, I was forced to alter to the direction of my project only slightly to consider the future in the short and medium term future.

The methodology behind my assignment is simple. As it is already an easy platform to manoeuvre around on Instagram, acquiring content was the only challenging part when further developing this assignment. Through my current employment at Qantas Ground Services, it definitely helped coming across the visual aspects of the assignment which were the photos and videos I posted as part of the…

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BCM325: Beta Reviews


In my BCM325 subject at UOW, I was required to analyse and comment on the BETA presentations of my peers again for part two of the assignment. In part 1 of the assignmentwe commented on three of the initial ideas of our classmates. Now we are doing the same on their Beta Presentations, where they a potential prototype set up and regular content being shared on which.

In part one of this assignment I discussed where I could improve my feedback. In my previous post I suggested that I may have been too scared and uncomfortable to be highly critical of the concepts that were being reviewed. This time, I had to step out of my comfort zone as I was highly critical of the areas in which the projects I was reviewing could easily be improved.

For Emily’s idea on ‘The land of Make Believe” I couldn’t help…

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BCM325 Assignment 2 Part 2 – Digital Artefact Project Beta


My digital artefact beta has taken on some heavy, yet constructive criticism through the peer review comments and feedback. However, I have taken on board some of the points and opinions that were offered to me. By staying up to date with stories and information shared by Qantas itself on their social media platforms as well as news reports, I will share this information on my page. Certain links were given to me in the peer review comments are the types of sources I’m looking at for my information. They include: :

If you wondering what is going on however, for some context, part one of the assignment can be found here.

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BCM325: Pitch Reviews


Feedback is an essential tool in order for one to grow and improve for future endeavours. In this case for our BCM325 assessment, the feedback we receive and give each other is crucial for our project ideas to grow and evolve. It has been a very insightful, helpful and rewarding exercise overall as I get to see what it it feels like to be the one providing the useful feedback as opposed to being on the receiving end.

For Kristie’s project pitch on ‘E-Sports’ I could relate to this topic massively as my love for e-sports is huge. A question still surrounds how she will post such a massive amount of content so often. For Tiana’s idea however, I focused my feedback more on the delivery of her digital artefact idea, suggesting that maybe a podcast isn’t the best was to share it, however could be one of many ways…

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BCM325 – My Live Tweeting Self-Analysis


This semester I decided to take on the challenge of BCM325 and by doing so I have had my first experience in live-tweeting. Being completely unfamiliar to the whole process of live-tweeting, as well as not being an avid Twitter user, I believe my overall efforts were quite successful. The most challenging aspect of the whole activity however was increasing the amount of interaction on my tweets.

Week 1: Metropolis (1927)

Being a silent film, Metropolis had me worried about how long and how good my focus would be. However the movie itself gradually gained traction within the class as the BCM325 hashtag erupted.

Starting slowly with a few tweets that barely gained any interaction at all, I decided to change up my approach from using humor in my tweets, to posting something that would spark debate and/or discussion. Successfully, I believe I did this as seen in the tweet…

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BCM325 First Assignment – Digital Artefact Project Pitch


This semester I have taken on BCM325 and for the first assignment of this subject, we are to record a 2 minute pitch for our digital artifact. I have chosen to carry on from a previous project started from other BCM subjects. It is an Instagram page named ‘@qantasdaily’ and was designed to share content related to everything Qantas and aviation at Sydney Airport. I wish to adapt this page into what is required, by beginning to talk about the future endeavors and operations undertaken by Qantas.

Below is an image of the set up of the Instagram Page. Click the link or the image below to access @qantasdaily.


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