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#livetweeting Round 2

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The feedback I received from the last round of tweeting suggested I prepare before the screening and pre-write some tweets. Another suggestion was to find academic sources that are relevant to the weekly screenings. I took this feedback and used it to make the second round of live tweeting a better experience and more successful. I also took techniques that I did well in that last round of tweeting and continued to do it this round.

I found that I was commenting a lot more and had a lot more thoughts on the films this time round. I also was able to respond better to other people’s tweets and engage more in commenting rather than likes and retweets, which I relied on a lot for engagement previously. I think this is a result of pre-writing some tweets as it meant I had more time to engage in other peoples posts…

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The Comments Round 2

Communications and The Media

I approached this round of commenting similar to the last. I followed the same structure of commenting, starting with what I thought was good, followed by suggestions and recommendations that I thought would make their DA’s better and finishing off with links to resources that could help them. Responding to feedback from the last round of commenting, I included links to academic sources in all my comments as well as popular media and news to assist them in further enhancing their research.

Lizzie’s DA looks at past and current celebrity conspiracy theories and then discussing the relevance of these conspiracies in the future. I pointed Lizzie to Subreddits and Reddit in general as a platform to use to generate public feedback, get topic ideas and share her content to her specific audience. Because the podcasts focus on a different topic each week I linked her to popular media sources and Reddit…

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An Update on the Future of Space Travel

Communications and The Media

The future of space travel is a website that I have started for my BCM325 digital artefact. Taking feedback from Twitter, Reddit and the comments on my pitch, I have developed a website that includes posts on Space travel depicted in movies and my thoughts on common questions about space travel in the future. Coming soon will be podcasts and other blog type posts with more content from fantasy media such as movies and video games and current media on new developments and what this means for space travel in the future.

Always welcoming feedback so feel free to have a look and let me know what you would like to see! 

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The Comments…

Communications and The Media

Being able to view and engage with other student’s Digital Artefact pitches really helped me consider my own. Some of the recommendations that I gave others I realised would actually help me a lot with my own DA.

Even though I wasn’t really too keen on commenting, I tried to approach it in a positive way because the whole point was to engage and assist other people and I wanted to give the best feedback I possibly could. I aimed to give some positive feedback about what I thought was good, followed by a recommendation and then some sources that could help them. I mainly stuck to this but not completely. I think my main issue with commenting on other peoples content is that I don’t want them to take offence to anything I say and I don’t want to be overstepping in what I say, especially when giving recommendations…

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Communications and The Media

imageslider7 Source:

To be honest, Twitter has never really been a platform that I used outside of uni just because I am not really interested in sharing my thoughts publicly, so I was kind of nervous. Not only had I never live tweeted before, I also hadn’t used Twitter in over a year so I was also out of practice of tweeting in general.

My goal was to do a mixture of facts that I had found prior to the screening and then observations that I made but this didn’t always happen. This was mainly because if I wasn’t interested I didn’t follow the film enough to make decent observations and then relied mostly on facts.

I got a little bored watching Metropolis so most of my tweets were facts from wikipedia and other websites. I mainly tried to look for facts about the movie that I could tweet because I…

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The Future of Space Travel

Communications and The Media

My Digital Artefact will be a website talking about the future of Space travel becoming mainstream in the future. The whole point of my website will be to inform and entertain my viewers on the possibility of space travel being open to anyone in the future and get them excited at the possibility of this. I will be looking at current sources that can improve my artefact. One main example is Halo, focusing on the aircrafts that can be the basis for transport suited for space travel. Check out my pitch which goes into more detail. The website isn’t up yet but stay tuned!

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