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Tweeting away

Vanessa Fryer

For me, the live tweeting was sometimes a bit of a hit or a miss, for me the class starts right on the minute I finished work on Thursdays, so I would always be driving home connected to Discord through my car for the first hour of the class. Somehow this actually made the classes more engaging for me which was good. The down side to this however was if we were live tweeting the movie in that first hour I would have to join the party late and get all my tweets in! All in all though I really enjoyed the live tweeting experience and the films picked for the class were really interesting to watch!

Alita: Battle Angel – Week 9:

I was honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed this film, It was never something I thought I would be into, and one of the first thoughts…

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Beta’s Back, Back Again

Vanessa Fryer

The following is a collection of peer commentaries I made on 4 of my peers digital artefact blogs. The comments were designed to firstly acknowledge the hard work that would have gone into the making of the DA and all of the behind the scenes work and education that would have happened to get the ball rolling! The 4 peers DA’s I chose belonged to; Jack Boulding, Emma Jenkins, Elissa Rhodes and Bronte Willis.

First up was Jack’s comment:

Jacks Beta was really well put together and as a reader it was very easy to navigate around and understand what was happening. It was nice for them to share what troubles they had found themselves in wit the Beta as it is a working progress, there usually will be bumps along the road. I think it is an important DA to be delving into as music…

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Vanessa Fryer

I am focusing on the future of the retail industry, mainly focusing on fashion. I will be looking into and exploring the role that technology will impact the retail world as from both a retailer and consumer perspective. Whether it be in the form of customer facing, online or customer.

The DA has been set up as a blog account which will consist of 4×400 word blog posts each one breaking down a different sector of the topic. The next stages of the beta will include another blog post as well as more engagement through a few different channels. Hopefully this will expand the organic reach of the blog and DA!

I’m open to any feedback to help me out with the DA, so if you see anything, let me know 🙂


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