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The Social Robot – @tonicruize_

Final submission for my digital artefact called ‘The Social Robots’. Enjoy, because I sure had a lot of fun running this!!!

The idea behind ‘The Social Robot’ digital artefact is to investigate the idea of digitally created robots replacing the role of celebrities and social media influencers in society. Exploring the idea of in the short to medium term future, for social media influencers and social media celebrities to be phased out by their virtual beings.

The way in which I investigated the logistics of this idea was through the creation of my own take on a ‘virtual celebrity’s’ Instagram page, Toni Cruize. The initial process of my DA began with research on what both social media influencers/celebrities common posting habits and themes are, as well as what robot influencers posting behaviours and common characteristics. Then replicating these types of posts on my influencers pages. Posts I decided to incorporate included things like; brand deals and promotions seen frequently on Instagrammer’s pages, as well as details into the story behind…

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Am I getting any ‘beta’ at these comments?

To be able to understand feedback entirely, it is essential to experience being the one who issues out feedback as well. Thus, bringing us here to analyse my second attempt at commenting on my peer’s blogs. The first time around, I realised, it was pointless to attach links to what we assumed to be relevant resources to the writer. From my experience, I found this more wasteful than helpful. So, I opted not to revolve my comments heavily around finding more information, but rather, attempted to critic the way the pitch was presented as well as the ideas presented within and what I thought might add to the utility of the digital artefacts. This approach I found was more rewarding, as I took added time to focus on things that may help them overall like ideas, rather than links.

“Iterations, Developments & Nova: Making my DA beta!”

Josh took the…

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Live Tweet Redemption? But not really

Second time round tweet analysis, have a geeze about why I’m still not famous on twitter

This is round two of my live-tweeting analysis, and not only am I a few months older,  I am also a few months wiser: I would love to think so, at least. With a chance of redemption at attempting to become a ‘Twitter Star’, I am disappointed to share that my breakthrough did not occur. This time, however, I stuck to what I knew worked and gained interactions through experiencing and analysing my first attempt, although it does seem that this half of the semester my interactions and engagements on Twitter dropped in comparison to the first half. This could be caused by several reasons, such as other students potentially becoming less motivated to continue and keep up with the demand of interactions the second-time around, or due to myself not being as motivated to produce the same quality or quantity of tweets. Lastly, I perhaps could have lost my…

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Social Robots – Beta

Let me know what you guys think of my digital artefact, and please follow my page on Instagram: @tonicruize_

As an extension/update of my recent pitch blog post of ‘The Social Robots’, my initial concept has not changed considerably. I am planning to explore the possible outlook of the future if digital influencers having the ability to replace social media influencers in the mid-length future. I have conducted my own interpretation of aspects and characteristics of what a digital influencer has, then post and interact with accounts on Instagram. My target demographic for this page is young adults, which my audience analytics can confirm (see video below).

I have created further blog posts discussing differing factors and positions on the ‘digital vs. human influencer wars’, so if you are interested please read more of my blogs!

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Putting On My Teacher Cap – Pitch Reviews

Receiving feedback is an important and efficient way to understand and improve on future assignments; as such, receiving feedback from multiple differing sources is a step that I have found especially helpful and insightful. Commenting on and providing students of BCM325 feedback upon their pitches has been an insightful look into what it feels like to be the one providing feedback, as well as being a rewarding experience overall.

For Kristies project about the evolution and growth of e-sports, it was clear she had already strong knowledge on this topic, as well as academic sources supporting her ideas. As I am not as educated on the subject, I did some side research but prompted me to focus on feedback about the presentation of her Digital artefacts which would be presented through Youtube videos. Tiana’s pitch was on a topic I was more aware of; conspiracy theories, I enjoyed the presentation…

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Live Tweeting Analysis

As a part of BCM325 – Future Cultures, I experienced live tweeting for the first time. My newly accumulated 92 followers receive my weekly account of and insights into the sci-fi film I am watching each week of the semester. Beginning my live tweeting with a silent film was challenging to say the least; researching further information and facts about the movie, as well keeping up with both the storyline and my twitter feed proved difficult. However, after a few more weeks and a some trial and error, I am starting to get the hang of it and am becoming more invested in the process.

Whilst getting into the swing of things in Week 1, I don’t think I followed the movie much at all. Focusing most of my attention on my twitter feed, I developed some good interactions and tweets that were engaging with audiences. On my first attempt…

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The Social Robots – Digital Artefact Pitch — Nicola Carnevale

The idea behind my BCM325 Digital Artefact was to incorporate the idea of robots and artificial intelligence having the ability to replace humans in jobs such as a ‘social media influencers’. The way I plan to incorporate this idea into my Digital Artefact is by creating an Instagram page with my own created ‘Digital Influencer’, posting relatable and interactive content to engage the audience. Trying to replicate what may take graphic designers and artists days or weeks to create with my skill level and accessibility would be interesting to portray how accessible this project could be for any other everyday person with a laptop or computer, which could therefore determine how far off this prediction is. In the scheme of things, I’m imagining between the short to medium timescale.

See the video below for further details on my Digital Artefact:

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