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‘The Finale’



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My DA is an exploration of the future of fashion, specifically in relation to online shopping and how it is evolving through the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in both the near and far future. I’ve been looking into the various ways in which companies have been or will be implementing these technologies within their online shopping experiences and what the future of this looks like for the industry as a whole.

To access my video series, click here and follow the links in the post to direct you to each video.


My audience and utility have not changed in the process of developing my DA as I have stuck with my initial concept. My…

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‘The Glasses’


The digital artefact I have developed explores the future of fashion, specifically in relation to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. I have created a 3 part series  on YouTube, with each addressing a different area within the overarching topic. If you wish to view my video series, follow the links below:

Future of Fashion P.1

The first video to my series explores online shopping and how it is evolving through the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Realities.

Future of Fashion P.2

The second video to my series explores the pros and cons of Virtual Reality, specifically for ecommerce brands and sites.

Future of Fashion P.3

My third video discusses whether Virtual Reality will be better suited to fast-fashion or high-fashion in the future – or whether it’s something we should expect to see across the whole fashion industry.


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‘The Movie P.2’


I’m back again to discuss my experience of live tweeting over the past 6 weeks. After reflecting on my previous live tweeting sessions and receiving feedback from my Tutor I have been able to identify my areas for improvement:

  1. Engaging with subject materials where I can
  2. Testing out the theory I had regarding the size of the tweet impacting engagement levels.


Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Tweet 3 

I went into week 6 feeling fairly confident – until I realised we were screening an anime film. Having never been interested in nor seen anime, I knew this week could be a challenge for me. I spent this week simply finding my feet again and sharing surface level knowledge I learned from my research.  I remained active throughout the screening, engaging in conversations and ensured I was using GIFs and visuals throughout…

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‘The Checks’ P.2


We are now in the Beta stage of our Digital Artefacts and once again, I’m required to contribute to my classmate’s projects. I decided to engage in the same three student projects I looked at in the pitch stage as it would allow me to comment on the development and progress made on each DA. I intend on engaging with their topic and providing feedback to create a feedback loop. I will also be sharing with them how they could improve and suggest any additional sources that are relevant to their topic.



My first comment was on Taylor’s digital artefact. Taylor has continued with her topic looking into artificial intelligence. I began my comment on a positive note, sharing what I liked about her chosen platform. I then unpacked her idea of gaining feedback by diving a little into the Reddit community and also utilising people in her…

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‘The Engagement’



In conducting my research throughout my DA, I have learned a lot about the fashion industry, particularly that the future of VR and AR could lead toward many different outcomes and result in a number of futures. As stated in the week 4 lecture by Masini, “it’ll be a continuous learning process. New things will be tried and iterated and follow a cycle as technology develops.

In preparing for my next video essay I decided I would conduct prior research to help me get started. I came across a source by Forbes which will be extremely useful to my second video as it discusses the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

According toGoldman Sachs, the market for AR and VR in retail will “reach $1.6 billion by 2025. Statistics show that two-thirds of internet users would be interested in virtual reality and 63% said…

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‘The Movie’

As I begin my third and final year of Uni, I am only now, for the first time, being introduced to this world of live tweeting. Up until this point, I had only the smallest exposure to this world as I would scroll through various hashtags on Twitter. To be honest, the idea of it terrified me and my instant thought was “I need to prepare”.

Luckily for me, drafting your tweets is a common hack used by first-time live tweeters, so I decided I would use this to my advantage. Feeling a little more confident I was beginning to wonder “how hard can this be?”.

I can officially say, live tweeting proved to be harder than I imagined. It’s quite a challenge to watch a movie, research the movie, tweet about that research, engage in peers’ comments AND actually understand the movie and its storyline simultaneously.



I went into week 1 prepared. My tweets had been carefully drafted prior to the class, addressing a variety of prompts in the subject blog. The majority of my tweets were pretty general, addressing facts about the production costs, director, ratings and the film’s influence on pop culture, alongside various articles I came across in my research and wanted to share.

I remained active throughout the screening, interacting with other students posts; liking, retweeting and commenting. I found creating discussions to be less daunting than I imagined, and was fairly comfortable creating responses based on my own findings, however, I could have put more effort into my engagement with other students rather than on my own tweets.

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Similarly to week 1, I spent time prior to class researching the film as I found it would give me a basic understanding to help me follow along whilst live tweeting.

I decided to share something I learned in more of a humorous way to see whether it would receive higher engagement. The tweet did in fact spark conversation and led to a discussion where I was able to combine both my understanding of research and own personal opinion to form responses, as seen in the tweet below.

This insight told me that students are likely to engage with light-hearted, humorous content yet still dive into meaningful conversation and discussion on the screening.


Week 3 was our first week going online and attempting live tweeting from home. It was safe to say that the comfort of screening a movie from your own home in your own chair with some good snacks allows you to focus more of your attention on the film rather than on your discomfort.

I felt that although I have been engaging with my classmates, I needed to go that step further and put more focus into my engagement with their tweets rather than constructing my own. I am aware that both are important; however, I feel the engagement side of things is more valuable as we can raise questions with one another and share our own perceptions and observations on the film.

I also found from previous weeks that students were reacting positively to the sources I was sharing and found value in retweeting them.


This week I was receiving quite a high level of engagement from my peers. They responded particularly well to a fan fact I came across in my research and decided to share with them. One thing I did find, however, was that the sources I shared weren’t receiving engagement this week. This could have been due to a variety of reasons: the timing of the post, it getting lost in the feed or the content itself not resonating with my classmates.

I began to hypothesise this week that the reason my fact performed particularly well was because of the gif I included. I began to wonder whether the size of the tweet would determine the amount of engagement it would receive as it would take up more space on my classmates screens.


This week’s screening ended up being one of my top 2 favourite films from our class screenings to date, alongside Blade Runner. It seemed like everyone was so attached to the storyline and crazy plot twists that there seemed to be a general lull in tweets from my classmates. I was often finding myself going through periods of time, sitting with my jaw dropped and completely forgetting to tweet.

This led to my tweets not being my most thorough, however I still ensured I spent some time responding to and engaging with my classmates tweets.


Looking back on my tweets over the past 5 weeks, I think I’ve done a great job entering this world of live tweeting. I believe I made visible progress throughout the weeks in terms of making the effort to involve myself and engage in other students’ work.

I could have improved by perhaps engaging on a deeper level with the lecture materials and readings and sharing my insights from these sources, which is something I aim to work on in the next lot of live tweets. I also aim to test out my theory about the size of the tweet and see if this will have any impact on the level of engagement I receive.

Overall, I have had a great live tweeting experience so far and am ready to take on the remaining screenings.






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‘The Checks’


During the process of creating my own digital artefact, I’m required to involve myself in other students’ projects – engaging in their research topic and providing feedback to create a feedback loop. I’ve been assigned three of my peers’ pitches where I will share with them what was done well, how they could improve and share with them any additional sources I’ve come across in researching their topic.

Comment 1

Comment 2

My first comment was on Taylor’s digital artefact. Taylor will be looking into artificial intelligence in the home for her research topic. I first of all wanted to share the aspects of her Pitch video she did well such as the overall presentation of the pitch, the structure of her content and her ability to address the marking criteria in a concise and engaging way. I then shared a suggestion she could look into when getting started on creating content…

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‘The Pitch P.4’



I intend to create 3 video essays posted on YouTube for my Digital artefact, exploring various topics surrounding my concept of the future of fashion. As I am creative and enjoy video editing, I thought it would be a great platform to me to experiment more with, whilst also giving me the freedom to present my information very visually. I also believe this is a very relevant platform to my audience as they most likely already engage with the platform on a regular basis.

 My project also falls under the FIST concept:

Fast – As YouTube is a media format I have great interest in and my video essays will only be of a short time length, the process shouldn’t be too long.

Inexpensive – All the materials I need are free and easily accessible.

Simple and Tiny – The concept of sharing short video essays on YouTube…

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