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Third Year student at the University of Wollongong studying a double degree in a Bachelor of Arts: Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies! I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say! Nothando X

A Final Self – Reflection (The Comments)



Hi Olivia !

This is such an interesting and great pitch. I also really like the play on words with your name and your D.A idea. I am assuming the “Vi” is from your name? Correct me if I am wrong lol.

You addressed the feedback you received from your first pitch really well. Your D.A is definitely sustainable and reusable especially as we move into a more digital age. With many environmental issues becoming more and more apparent the market for e-cards is certainly growing.

I was wondering in the future would you consider personalising your product. I went on your Instagram and it’s really well put together, aesthetically pleasing and you seem to have gained a small following on there. So I thought would you be opposed to opening a poll or asking your following what they would like to see? Even if you were tossing…

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A Final Reflection (The Tweets)


giphy (6)

I am sure I am not alone in saying that live tweeting was one of, if not my favourite part about participating in BCM325 Future Cultures this semester. I myself had never engaged in live tweeting this extensively before so in the first couple of weeks it was a struggle to get the hang of it. However after my last critical self reflection I learnt a number of things.

When I first started live tweeting my responses and comments on the live screening were more surface level that academically challenging. I commented on what I saw more from a more shallow perspective. I quickly realised that this was to be expected because I was not conducting enough research prior to the live screenings and thus my engagement was as in depth as it should’ve been.

Fortunately I learnt my lesson and approached live tweeting much differently for the last couple…

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Feedback and Comments : My Perspective Part 1


This week I was able to view and evaluate my peers first pitches.

The entire process was a very interesting and refreshing learning experience. I had the opportunity look at new pitches and and research new ideas:

First Comment: (For some reason I was not able to post my comment but here is my feedback and response)

Hi Trang!

Wow really interesting concept. I myself am not very familiar with the concept of Holographic however i have come across it from time to time. Our subject BCM325 is a perfect example of how University resources are moving more online with the way we interact. For example, online lectures and live tweeting.

Your D.A pitch has encouraged me to think about the future and where holographic fit in our current learning model in tertiary education.Although currently it may seem a little too far out of our reach with such displays of holographic…

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Tweet Tweet Tweet



It is an interesting phenomenon, one that is fairly new and recent in the way it is happening today.

To be able to watch something and comment on the subject live adds a whole knew perceptive in the way we discuss what we are viewing. Television has used the introduction of #’s  and to assess conversation with their viewers in a way that proved almost instant feedback from anytime and anyplace.

jane the virgin tweeting GIF

Despite the fact I have in fact been using twitter since 2012 I had never once before engaged with the process of live tweeting. I have seen it occur online and on TV numerous times but I never felt adequate enough to contribute to the conversation.

However that all changed with #BCM325. At first I was terrified. I felt as though I wouldn’t have enough to say and I wasn’t sure I would be able to explain what…

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And we are back! This time last year in BCM112 I created a digital artefact called “The Migrant Diaries”.

The essence of my DA is interviewing both 1 and 2nd generation migrants about their experience moving and settling to Australia.

Australia has an incredible history of migrants with so many different stories. And although there is lot to be said about migrants both nationally and internationally in the media, there is beauty in hearing the stories from the mouth of those that have experienced it first hand.

In a world that is Globalising at a rapid rate migration is a topic that will continue to be relevant both in the short term and long term future. (Walsh, 2012)

My main mediums are both Instagram and Facebook because it was what I was more familiar with. However I am looking to expand these platforms to Youtube or Vimeo to post…

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