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UOW Digital Media Society – DA & Contextual Essay

Diversity, Communication & Culture

This semester for BCM325Future Cultures,I have been lucky enough to have been utilising my Executive role within the UOW Digital Media Society (DMS). I have been working closely with fellow BCM325 students Alex Mastronardi (Treasurer) and Callum Harvey (President), as well as the rest of the executive team – Meggen Pigram (Vice President) and Sunny Commandeur (Events Coordinator). We have been working hard to create a number of tangible DMS resources and artefacts to benefit the overall longevity of our society on campus.


Digital Artefact Group Components:

+ UOWDMS Podcast

+ UOWDMS on Twitter

+ UOWDMS on Facebook

My Digital Artefact & Individual Contribution is The UOWDMS Website!

The Future Cultures DA Challenge:

We see can see a widespread necessity for setting BCM students and students from other facilities on a trajectories of career success after they leave university and “…involvement in student organizations has a…

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BETA Peer Reviewing!

Diversity, Communication & Culture

Overall personal reflection of feedback process:

Compared to last time, it was a little bit easier to articulate effective feedback to my peers as there was more content to reflect on – with a larger video length requirement & everyone having their version of a prototype for us to view! I feel I have provided creative and helpful feedback to my peers. I notice we have all made improvements to define and solidify our focuses and how they relate to the future cultures requirements and learning outcomes.

Furthermore, I found I was able to curate my comments to a greater quality after having received feedback on Part One of peer comments. Also, by looking through the subject blog I was able to see what helpful, thoughtful and considered comments on people’s Pitches could do to encourage students progress and the overall refining process of their DA’s for the Beta presentations.

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BETA Presentation! The future of UOWDMS

Diversity, Communication & Culture

Hey guys! We’re back at the end week 8 for an update on the progress of our current BCM325 DA’s.

Since my pitch, I have really orientated the social utility of this project and worked hard at producing a prototype of my physical DA – The UOWDMS Website (Watch this space, it’s coming soon!). Feedback from my peers, tutor and further research has guided me to incorporate the broad elements I was enthusiastic about from my pitch into an organised, (somewhat) open-sourced and feedback-friendly format. This project is working to involve both Callum and Alex’s work, and I have taken a focus on how to best display content for student interaction.

Also, I’m looking to find more research on the history of clubs & societies in order to tailor the DMS’ contributions and predict possible trajectories!


Done, A. and Mulvey, R. (2019). Benefits of Joining a…

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Being apart of the feedback loop – Peer Reviewing Pitches

Diversity, Communication & Culture


Comment 1 – Jess & The Future of Online Marketing

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 2.12.44 pm

I could see that Jess has a clear focus and research question for her project for this semester. It’s obvious for me to see that she’s enthusiastic for what lies ahead for not only her research project, but the actual future of online marketing. I tried to encourage her to hone in her methodology to make the process easier, so that she can spend more time researching and curating content for her audience. Her area of online marketing seems to have a lot of relevant research, so it was easy to locate and offer another source for her to look into.

Jessica’s video/presentation and blog post were both very informative and well organised! I think podcasts embedded within dedicated blogposts would make for a really interesting and engaging Digital Artefact.

Comment 2 – Nathan &Lowfee

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 3.01.18 pm

Nathan has a clear…

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Live-Tweeting in BCM325!

Diversity, Communication & Culture

Let’s jump right in. Over the course of BCM325 we’ve been live-tweeting to some seriously futuristic Sci-Fi movies, and it’s been a ball! I was lucky enough to live tweet as a part of BCM320 (Digital Asia) last semester so all the initial worries and tribulations were worked out over there.
Overall, we want to be tweeting relevant info/discussion points/factoids at the right times in the movies whilst bringing an original contribution too, not only the overall #BCM325 hashtag, but other students discourses.

What did I do?

Engaged, created, shared resources, contributed to the discourse surrounding the films! But also had an original contribution to the class tweets, as I tried to be creative and well-informed with my tweets and replies. By simultaneously researching and reading my peers tweets, I was able to learn information about the film whilst watching and apply it to the elements I…

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The Digital Media Society & Future Cultures – BCM325 DA Pitch

Diversity, Communication & Culture

My DA for this semester of BCM 325 will be revolving around my executive position in the UOW Digital Media Society with some of the BCM all-stars (Meggen Pigram, Verity Morely, Sunny Commandeur) fellow BCM 325 students Alex Mastronardi & Callum Harvey!

Building on the traditional structure of a University Club, we are aiming to improve students and professors ‘digital literacy’ (Buckingham, 2007) as “the pervasive nature of technology in consumers’ lives is causing rapid change in the business landscape” (Fitzgerald et al., 2014 p.4).

Being the only club for Communications and Media students, we provide relevant events/workshops/resources for students whilst at UOW and equip them with skills for future professions.

We see our club excelling in the next 5 years as BCM degrees are becoming more and more popular, and as digital media proficiency becomes more prominent/significant in a number of workforces.


Buckingham, D. (2007) ‘Digital…

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