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Vi Vi Vector


Digital Artefact – Vi Vi Vector

Vi Vi Vector, started out as purely artistic expression, displaying iconic snapshots or posters from iconic movies and digitally re-imaging them through the form of vector art. They were then put on Instagram and eventually transferred to the online marketplace ‘Redbubble’. However, the products and quality of the products that were being sold with my vector art, on Redbubble didn’t fit with the audience or aesthetic I wanted to associate with my brand. Not to mention the profit margins associated with selling on the marketplace only allowed around 10% profit gain, which for the time and effort put into each piece, with next-to-no recognition, was quite disappointing.

Placing one of the most essential ideation methods into practice, I decided to brainstorm the best way to actively facilitate a way I could possibly enter the market selling vector art as my own rather from a…

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Beta luck this time


– BCM325 – Critical Reflection & Feedback Pt Two–

After receiving feedback from assessment one, I feel that I have gained beneficial and valuable advice which I was able to apply in my next lot of three comments.

Comment One – Elizabeth Farley

LF 1

Lizzie’s Digital Artefact involves the start of a new podcast collaborating with fellow class mate Tiana, discussing crime stories and conspiracy theories. One I really enjoyed listening about, especially as an avid crime/conspiracy buff myself.

As two comments were already posted with great advice to Lizzie, I decided to focus on my strengths and share some knowledge that may be helpful from a digital marketing perspective. Lizzie’s BETA included valuable information about the challenges presented on there chosen platform, Soundcloud, and how changes ( were made to best suit their listeners. I used this information to then provide best guidance and relevant sources, academic and non-academic, about…

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All Aboard the Twitter Train


— Blog Post One – Live Tweeting Pt Two —

Walking into the second half of the semester, armed with a laptop and many tabs of knowledge, I was ready to implement the guidance given from feedback and my own amendments to show confidence and continual improvement in my live tweeting abilities. Below is a critical self-reflection of those tweets and the analysis and reasoning behind the rise of some and fall of others.

Advice given to me from the last collation of tweets was to research, pre-write tweets and then schedule them prior to class. I decided to give this a go and schedule some tweets, but they didn’t all work out in my favour. Half of the scheduled tweets I ended up deleting as in the moment, it had either already been tweeted a couple of times or they didn’t relate suitably to any point in the movie…

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E-xciting times ahead


– BCM325 Beta Presentation –

Taking on board feedback from my earlier pitch, I have managed to develop an operating prototype and have got my business Vi Vi Vector up and running. Looking towards the future, with digital platforms always on the rise and sustainability trending, I’m hoping that the use of digital e-cards will be projecting the future.

An article released by Forbes explains why e-cards should be on the rise “postal mail rates dropping and the cost of printing and postage rising—not to mention the state of the environment and our limited natural resources—the whole concept of a greeting card printed on paper and sent in the mail no longer works”. Following my business plan this should come out as a somewhat fully functioning, somewhat successful business… I hope.


Reference List: Accessed 27 April 2019

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DA Pitch – Vi Vi Vector


Hi there, this post it my pitch presentation for my BCM325 Future Cultures digital artefact. I will be continuing my past DA, Vi Vi Vector, that involves using iconic snapshots or movies posters from iconic movies and digitally re-imaging them through a form of vector art.

Transforming this small-scale digital artefact to a much larger scale business will hopefully bring Vi Vi Vector into the future as a fully functional, somewhat successful business. It seems like a very ambitious move but one I am excited for and ready to test out the FEFO (Fail Early, Fail Often) principal to the max.


– Olivia Burt

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