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Are you TWEETING me?

Olivia Lopez

Live-tweeting this second half of the semester was a very different experience in comparison to the first half. This time around, I felt a little more confident and understood more of what was expected. I even found a little routine that allowed me to generate tweets prior to our viewing of the weekly film and still engage with my peers.

Looking back on each week I began to realise the connection between the weekly lecture topic and the film we watched if I hadn’t seen the lecture prior to the film I didn’t pick up the connection which was something I experienced in the earlier half of our viewings.

The task of tweeting and engaging with these films whilst also making connections to the lecture material was a challenge. I found myself wanting to watch the films and soak up what was being communicated without forgetting to tweet and interact…

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#What the Tweet!

Olivia Lopez

These past few weeks have been a very new and interesting experience. Live tweeting a movie is not an activity I have ever partaken in prior to BCM325 and it’s definitely brought up quite a few different emotions for me. In this critical self-reflection, I wanted to discuss pivotal moments I discovered during the process of live-tweeting and discuss what I’ve learned and what I believe I can continue to improve on.

My biggest concern that I’ve developed whilst participating in these live-tweeting events has been the quality of content that I’ve produced. As someone who extremely rarely watches anything to do with the theme of sci-fi, robots and technology takeovers, I have felt very out of place during this experience. This feeling has stopped me from feeling confident in my tweets and relating our weekly lecture content and readings to the films due to my lack of total understanding…

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Let me Peer into your Pitch

Olivia Lopez

Peer commentary tasks are never my favourite, although I do enjoy getting to learn about my peer’s digital artefacts.

Rebekah’s DA is focused on the future of her pre-existing dog Instagram and TikTok page.

Kathyrn will be delving into the future of the automotive industry.

Hannah’s DA is centered around her own future.

Critical Self-Evaluation on Comments- What did I learn during the process?

Looking over my comments, I feel comfortable saying that everyone developed a great pitch and my comments show this. Although all 3 had things I would have included or changed, I must be critical and remember that because all 3 topics are very different to one another, they will not have similar styles in the way they pitched their DAs especially when I compare them to my DA pitch.

I always find leaving comments on my peers work a bit uncomfortable especially if the topics are…

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The Future of the Beauty Industry

Olivia Lopez

Along with my initial aims for my DA, I wanted to provide a proper outline of what I expect to accomplish during my DA. Below is my Gantt chart or my production timeline.

Planning, researching, collecting feedback as well as creating content are all important tasks that I hope to ensure are completed throughout the duration of my DA. These 4 main tasks will make up the bulk of my DA. This leads me to explain why my DA will have utility for myself and for others in the near and far future.


My DA has utility for my future for the simple reason that I hope my future employers find this DA and recognise the dedication and passion I have for the beauty industry. Since my first dance recital, I’ve fallen in love with the process of applying, supporting, collecting, researching and testing beauty products. I hope for…

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