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live tweeting is actually kind of hard?


The second half of the semester might have gone a little bit downhill for #BCM325‘s and my relationship. Self motivation and subject engagement definitely took dip, but, this just creates more room for improvement in the future. Let the compilation of Week 6’s through to Week 11’s tweets begin.

Blade Runner 2049

Week sixes screening of Blade Runner is where things started to go a little pear shaped for me. I had one okay thought about the symbolism of purity which is a common motif in science fiction movies and their relationship with nature. There wasn’t a huge amount of interaction, but I find that unless the philosophical stuff is really profound – it gets less hype.

I had a…

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beta comments – pot calling the kettle black


Beta One: Future of Live Music

(Alex Fisher)

Alex’s digital artefact is looking at the future of live music across 2 blog posts and a final podcast. For this round of feedback, I wanted to tailor each comment more to the actual digital artefacts and less following my usual comment structure; which can be hard to break free from. I decided to focus on three areas with this BETA: engagement ideas, visual components, and additional sources.

Providing feedback on areas that they could improve for their future posts was constructive in my eyes, and is the name of the feedback loop game. The source in particular would be a great addition to their research for the upcoming blog post on virtual reality, and I hope it can be of use to them.

Beta Two: Are you sure you want to buy that?

(Danielle Gooden)

This digital artefact is…

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when was the last time you used a forum?



What is so interesting about Reddit? 

Forum sites diverge themselves from the now consistent theme of social media sites that centre a post’s worth on the visual content or the following behind the user. As discussed in my BETA, Reddit guides the interaction to occur in the form of discussion, and not just liking or passively engaging. The overall discussion under each post evolves as a tree structure, growing over time (De Francisci et al. 2021).

Forum sites almost act as a community, like a Facebook group, but less objectively embarrassing. Reddit itself has bloomed into a dedicated gateway to the Web. It has become an “increasingly self-referential community” which focuses on a user’s content, not external sources (Singer et al. 2014). How the dynamic evolves in the future will be crucial to all future media sites.


Bell, Wendell 1998. Making people responsible: The possible…

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should you pre-generate tweets? probably.


Live tweeting for each screening has resulted in a pretty consistent experience with engagement, with comedic angles often taking the interaction cake. After compiling the tweets throughout the semester, it most definitely brought my lack of analytical and academic lenses to attention. Nevertheless, here is my tweeting summary from weeks 1 to 5 thus far for #BCM325


The screening of Metropolis produced some reasonable quality tweets, with some that were pulled from sources and still gained some traction. 

For most of the screenings, I would go through Reddit as a great information hub of less formal but still really valuable opinions. There was a super interesting discussion in this particular subreddit about Metropolis that…

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pitch comments & reflection – was it constructive?


Pitch One: Future Career Planning

(Frank Tremain)

This digital artefact is a three part blog post series detailing Franks career plan in different fields of his life. I structured my comments throughout in a very formatted way – what I liked, a source, and what I think needed more work. As you can see in the above comment, I provided an academic source I felt would integrate really well with Frank’s research. Focusing on history was a common theme of what I recommended, which was probably an obvious, but necessary, statement.

In hindsight, with Frank’s feedback, I should have expanded further on the actual lecture content and readings they should refer to. I think I had trouble giving direct sources in this area due to my own lack of understanding of how to move forward, which was something clear in my own pitch. Overall, a pretty solid comment, but…

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the future of the alternative: end of the 2020 TikTok goth?




Throughout time there has always been those who don’t fit in and aim to stand out, especially in youth. The internet has really streamlined how we can all connect with our particular interests and inherent subcultures over the years. However, do we still represent a form of resistance to dominant groups, represented by style as a chaotic mishmash of visual, aesthetic, musical and social meanings? (Guerra, 2020) 

Internet goths, fandoms, niche reddit users, and gamers all represent the numerous 2021 subcultures that are now dominating the internet. In the 80s there were goths, metallers, punks and soul boys – with their stomping grounds of school and public scenes (Petridis, 2014). They all had something to stand for and rebel against, which looked a lot different than our current cyberculture. It is important to grasp where this is all heading, not only for those involved in…

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