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Adopting Sustainability~ DA contextual essay

Paris' Perspective

Throughout the course of BCM325, I have developed “adopting sustainability,” which focuses on teaching others and myself how to help the environment in order to help our future. In today’s society, the issue of the environment in regards to global warming, climate change and pollution are issues that are very prominent. I am not an expert in this area and wanted to further develop my understanding on an issue that affects everyone because the future is now and if we don’t change we may not have a planet.



Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 12.28.31 pmFuture Cultures challenge:

My topic focuses on helping the future in the short, medium and long term future because if individuals make a positive change now the impacts for our future could be filled with fresher air and a greener planet. Examples of short, medium and long term future improvements include;

Short term future

Medium future


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BCM325~ Live-tweeting reflection p2

Paris' Perspective

Throughout the second half of the semester we have watched;

Minority Report (2002)

Ghost in the Shell (1996)

The Matrix (1999)

Robot and Frank (2012)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Ready Player One (2018)

Alita Battle Angel (2019)

Most of the films (besides Robot and Frank) provided a similar dystopian view of the future, which focuses on advancements in technology and a slowly destroyedplanet. Whilst watching these films we were required to live tweet.

Due to feedback, I aimed to improve the quality of my tweets and my interactions, in comparison to my previous live-tweeting reflection. A major factor that I noticed was that after the first tweeting reflection the #BCM325 twitter feed became flooded with everyone live-tweeting about the films, compared to just a few students in the first weeks. I found this made it harder to gain and give interactions because the feed would refresh…

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BCM 325~ BETA Comments

Paris' Perspective

In the second round of digital artefact comments, we were required to give feedback on three of our peers BETA presentations.

My first comment was to Madeleine, (pictured below) whose initial concept was too broad and thus, re-defined her project to be on the future of virtual shopping. My feedback aimed to be helpful by suggesting a relevant news source that was related to the topic of virtual shopping. The source was a blog by a company called “Veer VR” which is a VR video-sharing app. I further incorporated the lecture content from Week 6 titled futurists, because it could be relevant to the topic of virtual reality and the future of technological developments. Therefore, providing extra information on her project.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 10.52.57 pm

My second comment was to Leila, (pictured below) who also changed the focus of her DA, from UOW creative to a series called quarantine diaries. Due…

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Paris' Perspective

As addressed in my BETA video my digital artefact is a blog and an Instagram called adopting sustainability. My DA aims to guide individuals to live a more sustainable life to help not only themselves but the environment and our future. (* Disclaimer I am in no way an expert but I aim through this DA to live more sustainable and teach others to do the same).

So far the progress on my Instagram has been positive and a few companies have commented on my posts which helps me to understand that my audience is enjoying my content. However, my blogs have seen far less engagement. This is disappointing as the blogs are more time consuming to produce than content on Instagram. I am trying to encourage my audience to visit my blogs through the use of Instagram stories promoting my blog and Instagram posts about my blog content, this…

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BCM325~ Live Tweeting Reflection

Paris' Perspective

Throughout the semester, we have watched four different films that explore the concept of the future, these include Metropolis (1927), 2001: A space odyssey (1968), Westworld (1973) and Blade Runner (1982). Whilst watching these films we were required to live tweet about them.

For most of my tweets, I aimed to use journal articles, quality media and popular news sources to give evidence in what I was tweeting about, the links for the article were embedded in the tweets so that others could further read about it.

*Note: my tweets are hyperlinked in the blog 

meyMetropolis, because it was the first film we watched, I found it hard to understand the concept of the movie and live- tweet at the same time. I was also not comfortable with live tweeting and found myself second- guessing what I would post. This can be seen through the minimal number of tweets…

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BCM325- Self-reflection

Paris' Perspective

Within this digital artefact pitch assignment, we had to give constructive and relevant comments on three of our peers’ blogs.

The topic of ‘future cultures’ is one that can encompass many themes and it was interesting to see how everyone interprets how the future will look in 5,10, 25 or 50 years and how their topic is relevant to this. I enjoyed that everyone whom I commented on, had vastly different ideas about how the world will be.

My first comment was to Madeleine, whose project discusses the future of shopping and explained how the future of shopping, supermarket grocery stores and retail will change through the use of shopping online, virtually trying on clothes and virtual shopping centres. My comment aimed to be helpful and provide further sources such as an academic article that explained how digital retailing was becoming an “omnichannel market (ability to interact through countless…

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BCM325 DA Pitch- Adopting Sustainability

Paris' Perspective

s.jpegAs a disclaimer, I am not an expert on sustainability but within this DA I aim to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle in order to protect our future.

An example of a production timeline is:

(All blogs will then have relevant images posted to Instagram.)

Week 1 (23rd March): Establish Instagram(@adoptingsustainability) and blog.

Week 2 (30th March): Blog post on a healthy recipe, using less waste.

Week 3 (6th April): Blog post about my grandpa’s garden, including how and what food he grows and then use the food to make a recipe.

Week 4 (13th April): Blog post on making your own cleaning and beauty product and how using natural products are better for the environment.

Week 5 (20th April): Attempting to go zero waste for the week.

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