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BCM325 – DA & Contextual Essay

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I have decided to continue featuring my Instagram and Facebook accounts as my Digital Artefacts as I believe it is my sturdiest asset I contribute to. My accounts under the moniker ‘PHILLIP A.M.’ feature my art, photography and video that range from typical landscapes, abstract visuals to focusing on the Wollongong and Sydney music scene – basically my visual art. In conjunction, Barking Mad Records, the record label I co-own with my long-time friend Lewis Orford, is also considered as my second Digital Artefact as the two occasionally attune. The aim for me, in context for this subject BCM325 – Future Cultures, was to actively seek out different revenue streams, increase engagement and improve to produce professional content in order to aim for the best-balanced profile between art, business, marketing, and advertising via social media. To do this, I’ve not only focused on the music scene but…

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BCM325 Task 1 Part 2 – commentz

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Despite commenting on BETA stage blogs, I still felt as I was commenting on the pitches. A couple of the projects I was commenting on were either at a half completion mode or just not fully realised as a digital artefact. I however, did my best to suggest more work to be done on their DA’s. Especially Lachlan Vivers’ Seasons of Change, where I thought he was focusing heavily on content and less about making it into a standard digital artefact.


I basically suggested that he needs to expand and brand to reach an audience because from my perspective It was hard to know what his DA was initially about, especially how he explained it in his BETA video. I linked a beginners guide to an online presence blog which I hope he finds helpful to see how he can expand his knowledge and philosophic content to a specific…

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BCM325 Task 1 Part 2 – tweetz

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The second lot of tweets from Week 8 to 11 have really been just a continuation of what I was doing in the last lot. But now I understand how my tweets can engage in further discussion, as you’ll see in Weeks 9 and 10.

Week 8 – I, Robot 

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BCM325 Task 2 Part 2 – DA Beta

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Producing a variety of content comes with Its challenges when you’re finding the balance between art and marketing/advertising for social media. My project beta presents the multiple streams of audiences I’ve attempted to capture as well as considering future content to reiterate for my future audience. Focusing on aesthetics but maintaining the goal of linking to a certain band, product and or asset to increase engagement upon. I’ve focused more on the future of my career in the social media space of content creation based on consistent iteration, communication, and experimentation with clients, bands and my record label’s business performance.



Butterworth, L. (2019). Instagram wants to hide your likes — but there’s a way to still see them. [online] ABC News. Available at: [Accessed 1 May 2019].

Lee, J. and Hong, I. (2016). Predicting positive user responses to social media advertising: The roles of emotional appeal, informativeness…

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BCM325 Task 1 – Part 1 – My Feedback on Pitches

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Pitch One:
Leah (Qinrui Li) – ‘Cook for One’

Leah’s DA is a Cooking Instagram and YouTube channel addressing alternative ways to eat like plant-based faux-meats and cooking for yourself. It’s distinctively relevant for the future as I addressed in my comment below. I suggested Pinterest as another avenue to try. I wish I could have addressed how she could implement the student budget aspect – but I did link her Wollongong’s community ‘Hidden Harvest’ that will address this through a different angle and touch on the future aspects of environmental impacts food can have.


Pitch Two:
Ashleigh Lockton’s DeepFake and CGI exploration DA

Ashleigh’s DA is wide open and talks about wanting to explore and use DeepFake AI software (good luck) and CGI techniques (again good luck). Sure It’s a massive open-ended DA to do – I would like her to seek out DeepFake and start suggesting, planning and…

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BCM325 Task 1 – Part 1 – The Live Tweeting Experience

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Looking back at Week 1 of live tweeting, I started off taking a very relaxed approach to engaging with the movie and my BCM325 class. I’m pretty much trying too hard to be a class clown at an embarrassing rate. I found It challenging to focus on two things at once and trying to find useful and interesting information that was original – so instead I took a comedic approach In hopes that high engagement occurs.

And it worked. But I found a balance, trying to ask questions, being curious about film techniques and cultural significance while adding some sort of comedic/memetic value.

(In reply to the water flood scene in Metropolis)

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#BCM325 Future Cultures DA

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Unending my BCM206 Digital Artefact, I will continue working within the niche network of my music community of Wollongong and Sydney. Photographing live music gigs and managing my record label called Barking Mad Records. Increasing engaging and professional content to entice and inspire our consumers with some unforgettable visuals to remember and building the DIY scene for a greater future community. With the contribution of my MEDA301 subject, I aim for the content to be art focused rather than regurgitated media.

I want to continue to grow and work in this industry, what better way to do it than think of my career can and could look like in the future and for the future.


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