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The Art of Live Tweeting


In today’s post, I’ll be critically reflecting on the live tweeting I’ve completed in the film screenings between weeks 6-12. To read my reflection on my tweets from week 1-5, click here.

When first starting out in the live tweeting process, I didn’t think too much about it being a necessary skill to have, but I now realise how important it is to have experience in live tweeting, and how this new skill can benefit me in the future and in my career in social media.

through watching the weekly lectures and absorbing the subject content, I was able to use the concepts, theories and information about future cultures and apply that to my tweets each week. After spending 5 weeks thinking about the future and potential futures, it made the live-tweeting from week 6 onwards a little easier.

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The Future of Live Music


My digital artefact for BCM325 (Future Cultures) will focus on the music industry. My Instagram page “The Indie Hub” will consist of posts related to the Aussie/Indie surf rock music genre. As well as this, a series of three blog posts to be published on WordPress and shared on Instagram, will investigate and predict the future of music/live music and what’s in store for the industry. In particular, the effect that COVID-19 has had on the industry and how we’re going to recover and bounce back from it in the next 5 years.

As outlined below, I have created a weekly plan for the remainder of the semester. This is to ensure that I stay on track and present my research findings in a timely and efficient manner. I plan to post consistently each week on my Instagram account, through grid posts as well as Instagram stories. I also plan…

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