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Fashion Forward- A Digital Artefact Overview

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Digital Artefact Pitch with Video


Fashion trends come and go, but have you ever wondered the ins-and-outs of where they originate and how they may form in the future? Well, I have, so for my digital artefact I decided to put my futurist cap on, and understand how major global events impacted fashion, and how future global events will impact it in the future. I decided to post my ideas on my TikTok account, which consequently was temporarily banned after I posted videos about the pandemic. I ended up changing my trajectory and began writing a blog series on past, current and future fashion trends that had originated…

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Fashion Forward- A Contextual Report

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To begin this short contextual report, I will first detail my digital artefact concept. My original intention for the DA was to explore the future of fashion trends and use TikTok as my main channel for creating content. After posting a few videos, I ended up getting a temporary ban (more on this later) so I decided to create a series of blog posts detailing how major global events have influenced fashion trends instead, and put TikTok on the backburner.

Read Pitch Blog Post Here

Read about my DA journey here

My 1500 word DA overview linking to subject concepts


My method in addressing the future cultures DA challenge, was to conduct prior futurist research using the lecture content, and then use that research as a way to structure my blog posts. This ensured that I was staying on track with my DA addressing future concerns. To ensure a…

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Live Tweetings, Movie Screenings & Discord Meetings

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My first live-tweeting reflection detailed the struggles I had relating to linking my tweets to the subject materials. Whilst reflecting I also realised that I wasn’t engaging with my classmates tweets in a meaningful way. I needed to try and converse with them more and aim to frame some of my tweets as questions. See how I did so below by clicking on the tweets to see commentary:

Week 6: Robot and Frank- Artificial Intelligence

This week we focussed on artificial intelligence and mused about how cybernetic systems have the potential to help us as much as they can also harm us. This proved to be a highly relevant topic due to the growing anxieties regarding the future of AI.

A tweet I made about Makridakis’s future prediction that robots would help eschew humanity of their mundane tasks felt relevant given the fact that, in the movie, a robot companion…

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Yeah Grandma, Uni is good, we watch sci-fi movies and make memes about them in class 

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My first reaction when finding out we got to watch sci-fi movies in BCM325 each week instead of attending monotonous tutorials, I was understandably thrilled. I sat back on a rainy Thursday morning in my PJ’s and prepared to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, ready to zone the f out.

My my how I was wrong. This live tweeting stuff? Yeah it’s the real deal. True hard multitasking, philosophical, FBI researcher business.

Each week we have been tasked to craft engaging tweets and share them with our classmates, similar to a running commentary. We must also interact with our classmates tweets, positing ideas, assumptions and observations on the movie in question, whilst also relating that content to subject materials and Futures Studies.

I will be highlighting my best 2 tweets from weeks 1-5 below, in the form of either original posts or interactions with fellow BCM325 students. If you would…

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Peer Commentary-We in Dis Together

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The peer commentary task saw me analysing my ability to provide good peer commentary and constructive feedback on other students pitch blog posts for our ‘Future Studies’ subject. 

Kira is exploring the short/medium term future of digital media marketing through a series of blog posts and TikTok videos.

Olivia is researching the future of the beauty industry and using TikTok to educate her audience on possible future beauty trends.

Tegan has created an Instagram page based on book recommendations and how this concept will evolve in the future. 

What did I learn from the peer commentary process?

When giving myself a critical self-evaluation of my peer commentary efforts, I reviewed the type of links to further research that I provided for my peers. I provided web links and article links; however, I could have spent more time looking for more academic-type sources. In saying this, I often personally prefer to…

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‘Future Cultures’ Digital Artifact Pitch

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The initial concept for my digital artifact will see me exploring the future of fashion trends, in relation to how major global events have or will impact these fashion trends. I will aim to use past global events such as the world wars, current events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and possible future events such as climate change impacts and an increasingly technologized world.


An article I found helpful in pinpointing the important turning points for fashion in history, was written by Transcend. For example, The Great Depression was the catalyst for more modest and simple dress style, and the 9/11 attacks brought about a new wave of conservatism in fashion.


An article in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management suggests fashion forecasting operates as a cultural probe, it is about revealing new pulses of culture and decoding them into stories and visual input. This is…

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