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My thoughts on YOUR uni projects

puby rhilpott


The Glossy Project. When analysing this project I mainly addressed the topic of the magazine industry and some ways that it has clearly changed. I also discussed the concept of the project as a whole, and briefly addressed the methodology/plans for the project.

I got somewhat carried away discussing the topic, as opposed to analysing, as an attempt to assist her in ideas for content. I could have been more critical on the execution of the project thus far, as of when I made the comment there was no written content, just headings and format. Granted I am not sure of the posting schedule, she may be planning to have all of the content ready at once. But as the due date nears, I do believe it would be beneficial to have the website up and running for feedback purposes. I should have further discussed options for methodology…

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Tweets 2 ~electric boogaloo~

puby rhilpott

In the previous analysis of my live tweets, I concluded that I would gain the traction when comparing the film to other forms of media in pop culture, such as other movies and TV shows, with a visual additive. In understanding this phenomenon, I began tweeting again with the mindset of trying to maintain posting in this format. As I anticipated, most of these tweets did result in interactions, mostly just in the form of likes.

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Introducing MUSIC BIZNIZ


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As the music industry has already foreseen so many changes due to digitalisation, it is interesting to imagine how it will shift in the future. In response, I have launched my new interview/podcast series entitled Music Bizniz; it encompasses a collection of 1 on 1 interviews with guests that are active artists in the local music scene. We discuss changes in the industry relevant to their discipline and explore how we think these changes will extend to the future. I am proud of the concept I have settled on, the subject of the music business holds a lot of utility for myself as it is the industry that I aspire to join.


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MEDIA & THE MUSIC INDUSTRY | Digital Artefact Pitch | BCM325

check oooooout mi pitch 😀

puby rhilpott

Media & The Music Industry will be a 3-part podcast series that addresses the past, present and future of this industry in relation to new media. Each episode will focus on either the social, moral or political ramifications that have/will impact on the industry for both the musician and the consumer.

This is a new artefact that I am starting for Future Cultures. I wanted to dive into a topic that I am interested in and music is an industry that I aim to become a part of. This project will help me develop knowledge in this field, as well as act as a digital resume for potential employers.

Kind regards,
Puby Rhilpott


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