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Cyber Identities Digital Artefact

Thoughts, spilled onto a blog.

Cyber Self is defined as “an alternate self on the Internet or in cyberspace; an online alter-ego.

MMORPG’s are important examples of experiential communities in which individuals from different parts of the world create characters, perform roles, develop virtual possessions, and interact through virtual worlds.

Individuals can create and alter the image they want the online world to see. That is because these virtual environments change identity boundaries and represent new opportunities for identity development and group affiliation.

The Avatars used in online gaming (MMORPG’s) can become more than just something you use to play online, they give the player an opportunity to develop this avatar and create a social community and have positive or negative impacts on the people who use them.

In my Podcast, ‘ProteusCast’ I talk to three people about three different areas of gaming.

ProteusCast Episode One: The Community

ProteusCast Episode Two: The Avatars

ProteusCast Episode Three: The Outside

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BCM325 Live-Tweeting

Thoughts, spilled onto a blog.

Every Thursday morning for the past seven weeks I have been live-tweeting films and the occasional Black Mirror episode for BCM325, ‘Future Cultures’. While the aim was to do 10 tweets each session, sometimes I went over and other times I went a little under that aim depending on what the film/episode was.

As this was my first time live-tweeting I was a bit nervous on how I was going to do. Using the live-tweeting prompts that were posted onto the subject blog really helped me learn more about what to do and how to live-tweet. Using the hashtag #BCM325 helped keep all my tweets organised and allowed the whole class to interact with one another which helped me build an idea on what live-tweeting was all about.

This blog post will outline my experience on the seven weeks of live-tweeting and the pros and cons I had with it.

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Cyber Identities 2.0

Thoughts, spilled onto a blog.

In what can be described as a synthetic world, the internet feels anonymous, safe and non-threatening – even if it isn’t. People are more trusting and form deep attachments.

“The RSVP Date of the Nation Report 2014 shows –

  • 57% of Australian singles think online dating is a mainstream way of meeting new people
  • 64% of single Australian have used online dating or would consider it
  • 52% of single Australians would suggest online dating to others seeking to meet new people”

Environments in games where your avatar can engage in any behaviour you choose many people can get carried away and swept up into the synthetic world.

In Sex, Technology, and Public Health Mark Davis notes that instinctual sexual desire is one of the most primitive human elements and he questions the kinds of beings we are to become with the increasing technological innovation which could heighten the desires we already…

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Cyber Identities- Digital Artefact Proposal

Thoughts, spilled onto a blog.

stickers_6172521dddd99f2d363bb614fcdff47e.gif2018 is the final year for me as a double degree University student. For almost five years I have been consuming and absorbing various information. For my research topic for BCM325 I wanted to merge my two subject areas together and look at how technology has helped shape social relationships from a more sociological perspective.

As time moves on, society changes and we can see that in the way we behave both sexually and socially through technology.

Technology enables the expression and actualization of sex and social interaction in increasingly diverse ways.

For my project I want to look at the idea of having a cyber self and cyber sexuality in various forms, such as online dating sites and apps. But I am mainly going to focus on online gaming with a focus on games such as World or Warcraft, which is one of the biggest experiential communities, as of

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