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The Future of Dogs Contextual Essay

Growing My Skills

Rebekah Lavy

My Digital Artefact is my dogs Instagram and TikTok accounts. In my pitch I said my plan was to consider my role as a dog Instagram influencer and how I could expand on this to create more commercial opportunities as well considering possible dog futures in terms of health and lifestyle.

Future cultures challenge

In approaching the future cultures challenge, I thought about what my short-term, medium-term and long-term goals were, both in terms of the Digital Artefact but also in terms of a possible future career for myself.

When thinking about the future of dogs, I considered the past, present and future:

  • Present: I…

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My thoughts on my tweets 2

Growing My Skills

BCM 325: Rebekah Lavy

Live Tweeting Summary

Looking back over the tweets I have done since week 6, I noticed that although I managed to get some good engagement for a few of my tweets, I could have done more preparation before watching the movie. When I did research the night before it definitely helped as I really enjoyed watching a lot of the movies and didn’t always want to take my eyes off the screen to do research while tweeting!

Robot and Frank:

My tweets for the movie ‘Robot and Frank’ (2012) focused on the fact that the robot was different from many of the robots portrayed in the earlier movies we watched. Rather than the robot being evil, the robot had human like characteristics, he was kind and caring towards Frank, even sacrificing his memory to help him. I definitely fall into the optimistic camp discussed in the

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Future Peer Review

Growing My Skills

BCM 325 Blog Post 1. Pitch Comments and Critical Self Evaluation

As usual I found commenting on my peers pitches a challenging experience, but I tried to be both supportive and constructive. In my comments I provided some feedback on their pitch but mainly focused on the practicality of their DA and links to lecture materials or further research they could draw on.

First comment: “Our Medical Future”

“Our Medical Future”

Hi Adrian, interesting topic choice and I like how you introduced your pitch video with a background look at how nano technology has been used in science fiction movies and how these technologies are no longer science fiction but a part of our future. However, I found it a little confusing when you got to the pitch part of your DA and introduced yourself. I think you could have done that first on your video and then used…

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My thoughts on my tweets

Growing My Skills

BCM 325 Blog Post 2 Live Tweeting Summary

My reflection of my tweets

Reflecting on the live-tweets I have done since the beginning of the semester, I realised that though I started with the best of intentions in week one, I have allowed myself to fizzle as the weeks have passed and that I should really follow the suggestion to pre-generate draft tweets.

Week One – “2001 A Space Odyssey”

In week one I read the live tweeting prompts and tried to follow these but as the weeks went by, I did this less and less and mostly resorted to making comments and memes about the movies I was watching. In my first tweets…

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The Future of Dogs

Rebekah Lavy

My Digital Artefact is my dogs Instagram and TikTok accounts. In this project I will explore possible dog futures in terms of health and lifestyle and how these are reflected in social media.
I have always loved dogs and got my first one 10 years ago. Six years ago, I started a dog Instagram account for him, where I get to practice my photography skills and post about my dog life for fun. By 2019 I was invited to events and morning TV shows as well getting free products from brands. Since then, my account has grown, and I now have 9k + followers. I also have more than 2k followers on TikTok.

Check out my video to learn more about my project!

Background Research:

Initial research shows that there has been a significant change in the way that dogs are viewed by people. No longer are dogs chained to a kennel and kept in the back-garden, they are now seen as people’s “fur-babies” and a treasured family member.

Back in the 1980s people couldn’t have imagined how people would be treating their pets today.

Recent research found that buying things for their pets made millennials happy during the Covid lockdown and was a form of self-care.

Today people throw dog parties for their dogs with cakes and decorations, there are dog cafes with dog food on the menu, dogs are dressed up in clothes and are social media influencers with millions of followers.

The “Future is Now”

According to Moore, if there is anything you can take away from Bell’s Futures Studies book is: “it is very much concerned with the now, because if you focus purely on prediction you are unlikely to have the right information to come up with a viable plan of action for the future.”

Dog parties are definitely the future now and show how the dog community/world has changed in such short period of time.

This weekend I am having a dog party for my youngest puppy, and brands have given me free products. I hope the party will help my account to grow a bit, but at the same time it is just for fun.

Possible, Probable and Preferable Futures:

Possible: I believe the dog world on Instagram will continue to grow as well as on other social media platforms like TikTok, but it may be harder to be seen as more and more people want to be a part of this lifestyle with their furry friend.

Probable: In 10 years’ time I also think there will be more mixed dog breeds as more people become aware of the health benefits of mixed dogs compared to the genetic problems experienced by pure bred dogs. For example, many Cavaliers have heart issues and don’t live past 5 years, whereas Cavoodles who are a mix of poodle and Cavalier live for much longer, Poodle cross dogs are also better for people who have allergies and there may be more poodle type crosses in the future.

It will be interesting to see in ten years’ time, if Cavoodles are still seen as a mix breed, or if they are considered a breed in their own right. Also, will mixed dog breeds lead to original breeds with health problems dying out?

Preferable: In 10 years I would like to see dogs being more accepted and welcomed in Australian society as they are in countries overseas like America, where they are allowed on planes and in restaurants.


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