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Contextual Essay (BCM 325 Final DA)


The concept for this Digital Artefact(DA) was to get the feedback of other bloggers and my fellow students from my blogs that are available on my blog site. I post them on Twitter whenever I write something so people from Twitter can also have a look. So the way I did my artefact was first, by reading the comments on my previous blogs if I received new comments and then reacting after. This time I got some comments about interest in mind-control technology when playing virtual reality(VR) games. I talk about this in-depth in my digital artefact about how this technology works and what we can expect the future of this technology will look like.

I was also recommended a few readings on Virtual reality. One of them was research done by Epsilon Pi Tau, an international honour society for professions in technology. Another was about how virtual reality could…

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Digital Artefact: Virtual reality (final)


Responding to feedback:

I received some comments on my blogs which were open to the public. They were interested in the tech mind-control system of Virtual Reality(VR). I was also given more resources to read about from my classmates. Virtual reality could be a microscope for the mind, and an electronic tool for expanding human consciousness. This could completely redefine the nature of human- computer and human-human interaction. As of now, virtual reality is something that requires us to use our senses to navigate through and interact with the data given to us in a headset. According to Smith, the user becomes part of the computer, “existing inside an information landscape that exists only inside the computer.”

The expectations for VR, like with artificial intelligence(AI) is high. We expect their technology to be as advanced as the ones from movies and novels. The technology is still in its infancy period…

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BCM 325 #3


Here I bring up a belief which I shared with the director of Robot & Frank. How new technology isn’t inherently good or bad, it is up to the users to define how they will use them. I received some comments on how this could be an interesting take for stories of technology and I also had another student agreeing with this thinking.

Here I talked about how adorable I thought the robot was in Robot & Frank and a classmate of mine thought the same. Maybe some people might have robots as pets in the future as they can technically “live forever”.

Here, I talk about my interest in the concept of diving into a VR world and how this has influenced media in recent years. A classmate of mine commented about the similarities between two media franchises and how this idea could become a reality in the future.

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BCM 325 #4



Clement had posted blogs and tweets about quantum computers and it is a very impressive thing to learn about albeit complicated. It is something that the average person would just gloss over, but I am impressed by Clement’s dedication to the topic. So I recommended him an online journal and a book that could help him with his Digital Artefact.


I like Amanda’s DA because the world has been talking about global warming and the environment a lot, especially in the last few years. Personally I don’t mind switching over to artificial meat, but I don’t think it is at the level of real meat yet. I try to introduce a generational difference of views on environmental protection. How the younger generation seems to be more aware of this. Maybe it comes from the newer education syllabus introducing this? Also Amanda was talking about a plant-based meat(Analogue), so…

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BCM3 DA part 2 (Virtual reality gaming)


I have previously posted a blog about VR gaming. Talking about what sparked my interest with VR, its locomotion and which ones I prefer, I even introduced an interesting tech (mind-control!) and its different possibilities in future games. Finally, I talked about how haptic technology could improve our immersion when playing VR games. I will be using this blog to get comments for my DA by tweeting about it. I am hoping for people outside of this course to comment on it as well because I know there are a lot of people out there like me, hoping for VR gaming to hit the next step! The comments I hope will be informative to me and help me get a newer perspective with VR gaming or just learn more about the topic.

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