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Fast fashion is a term used to describea business model based on copying and replicating high-end fashion designsand all resulting problems such as depletion of resources, reckless waste, child and underpaid labor (Saxon, 2021).

The business works by employing thousands of fast-fashion scouts to find and copy the latest designs worn by celebrities on social media or by models on the catwalk. Once acquired, the latest and trendiest styles are sent to factories in developing countries, to be mass-produced at very low costs. Unfortunately, the entire business model has a serious negative impact on the environment, workers, and local communities.

I came up with the idea of creating a Digital Artefact that allowed me to explore the future of fashion. This involved utilising the platforms of Pinterest and my website, continued on from my first year of university, Blooming Beauty. Every week, I wrote a blog that…

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Contextual Essay

Across many weeks, I have been looking at a subject which discusses the future of fashion. For information on what I have done, click HERE and on my Website and Pinterest.

The aim of the Digital Artefact was to address the future in 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 years or more. The fashion industry needs a change in structure, due to the rising effects of climate change.


I received feedback from a student stating “perhaps you DA could have a more precise objective how you predict to see the future of fast fashion, you could suggest ways you would like to improve the over production of clothing and accessories.

From this feedback, I decided to emphasise on which brands are sustainable. I recommended a number of brands involving swimwear and different price ranges. It was important I also dive into what really differentiates a brand from other…

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Every week I am able to watch fantastic films and live-tweet. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, even though it is very enjoyable. Prior to this subject, I have never live-tweeted before. A tsunami of tweets filled my account to the brim with clever analysis, film commentary and inside jokes of many memes, which puzzled and amused me. Of course, all with the same hashtag #bcm325.

It’s more than just live-tweeting. It’s interacting with other students, showcasing your knowledge and involving subject materials. Live-tweeting affords us the opportunity to express our words and use visual art simultaneously. It is different from face-to-face communication.

Following on from myinitial critical self-reflection, my main takeaway was to still produce content that is equally relevant but presented in a way that encourages greater interaction. This blog, hence, will feature a secondary critical analysis of my live tweets from weeks six…

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If you ever look up the hashtag: #BCM325, you’re probably met with hundreds of tweets regarding films, facts and discussion. In fact, if you’re a UOW student and utilise Twitter, I’m sure plenty of these tweets regularly come up on your feed. You may ask yourself, what on earth are they talking about?

Well, every week we watch a film that correlates to BCM325, particularly all things tech and anything futuristic. During this, we live-tweet. Now, here are some of my most prominent tweets and interactions

This tweet really addresses one of the core challenges of the screenings in BCM325, which is to find insights on how the cyber films in the past spark innovative ideas for the future. This tweet was also responsible for one of my most popular tweets. It’s clear that students prefer interesting and simple facts, something that also stands out from other tweets. It…

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This week, I was able to compare and investigate my own work, as well as other students work, providing constructive criticism. It definitely felt strange to be a ‘teacher,’ basically marking students work!

The three peers I was able to analyse and leave feedback on were:

Grace: Her DA looked at the future of gifting.

Caitlin: This DA looks at the future of work.

Emma: Emma addresses the long term for HER future.

I was surprised that every DA idea I’ve seen, is unique, innovative and fun. It is also relatable, as Grace developed this idea during lockdown!

When peer analysing, I noticed all of us made the same mistake and didn’t write a description in our YouTube video. I now understand how a description would have really enticed an audience more and educated about what the video was about, linking the contextual blog post.

I believe my feedback…

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I am a huge user of social media and every week I see new fashion trends come and go. These include TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. From one haul to the next, it often surprises me how many fast fashion brands keep up with what’s trending. Every year, I am always going through full sized garbage bags from my wardrobe, which I end up donating. Social media creates pressure to stay on trend.

​​Before fast fashion, there was a time, where we all had much less clothing. These clothes were sturdy, well-constructed and designed to last. But, now its a matter of quantity instead of quality. Clothing is sewn quicker, in countries where cheap labour is exploited. The less attention to detail, and clothes that are made for basically a ‘one time wear,’ is the new outfit.

I was inspired by Emma Watson, who has started an Instagram…

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