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Drones & 360 Videos

T H I N K Sam

Link to 360 Degree Drones Prezi


Cyberculture can be referred to as the “response to the ubiquitous presence and use of computers and networks for aspects of contemporary social life” for example entertainment.  I wanted to link ‘computers’ to a broader extension of what is thought of, in a PC or laptop, to a motherboard of controls to Arduino to robotics, thus drones and their hardware.

Over the last year I’ve built an expertise looking into Drones In Agriculture as well as Production, Consumption and Representation of Drones in China.

This allowed me to then extend the interest into First Person View (FPV) Drone viewing and 360 degree cameras, modding quadcopters for performance and overall extending their immediate and obvious tasks, then their implication to the way the drone is represented to a wider consumer. Initially I set out to study the use of FPV goggles in racing situations and the cybernetic relationship between the craft’s…

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360 Heros Vs 360Fly For Custom Drone

T H I N K Sam

The software that comes with the 360heros camera mount is a software called 360CamMan v.2 that is a stitching application that allows the user to format all 6 SD cards before using them in the go pros. This allows the GoPros to have a unique camera number up to 6, that then corresponds with a position on the mount, me trying to work this out is shown in the video below.

The idea is to rename the SD cards, clear them of content, then using another software (Vahana VR or equivalent) then input each recording together to create the immersive 360-degree camera. This, upon research and trial testing, is very advanced programming and is used for 4K resolution footage. For the projects I’m undertaking, this has proved to be more advanced than its worth. For the drone 360 recording of an inside of a culvert, the results need to be…

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Custom Drone Build w/ 360 Camera

T H I N K Sam

rms drone screenshotCustom Drone Build w/ 360 Camera Prezi Here

Contextual Essay

Looking at Drones was something I initially wanted to carry into a Cyber cultural extension from their agricultural usage. I wanted to link them to human capacity and challenge the speculative narratives they carried within a local context of my hometown in relatively small rural area. General awareness of their emergence was little and therefore creating a disadvantaged implementation into the corporate sector to perhaps improve a fast-changing technological shift, especially in government workspaces.

As an aim or goal for this digital artefact I wanted to explore ways a quadcopter fitted with a 360-degree video camera could address the ways prevalent culverts (or drainage pipes under the roads) could be inspected, observed and surveyed better and most importantly safer for less costing and less time taken to do so. The artefact was to build a custom drone that hasn’t yet…

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360 Drones >Eagles

T H I N K Sam

Drone Ethnography

Ethnography – refers to studies of a cultures customs and habits

“Nanomachines, flying robots, botnets, and AI. The genre status switches between blockbuster and headline on a weekly basis.”

The Internet is already a widely accepted use of technology, no one has any problems with it but it hasn’t always been the case. Connections can be drawn with how our obsessive use of the internet is linked to why we as a participatory culture are subconsciously becoming a drone enthusiast society. If we look at the drones characteristics and then we look at current technological consumption, we can see the definitive overlap.

Drone Technology characteristics

  • UAV
  • Geographic information systems
  • Surveillance
  • Sousveillance – that is an activity is recorded by a participant in that activity.
  • Mediation platform – its own experience

Now if we look at the consumer side of technological consumption we see

  • Mapping programs (I a likened…

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Quadcopter Narrative: Perspective

T H I N K Sam

The development of technology is, to Haraway, the production of material artefacts of cultural evolution. Technology becomes a true extension of the human body

Drones entered the consumer world without the slightest hint of public awareness and its a positive direction for the technological evolution of the device. Building on the extension of the eye, 360 Video Technology has integrated its way onto the drone for a more immersive and natural viewing angle ever. One particular device that I’ve managed to get my hands on is the 360Heros camera mount, that acts like a human extension of the skull or neck. The user is able to click and drag viewing any part of the footage they desire. This extends the original narrative of the commercialization of the drone in organisations.

I’ve designed and built a drone for the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) that is using both the drone…

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Drone: Extension of the Term

T H I N K Sam

Drones allow an extension of the human eye from a unique perspective from a controlled camera flight. This referral offers analysis of the bridge between technology and human capacity. I want to explore the nature of the drones lens in cybernetic comparison to the eye, as well as FPV (first Person View) as the entry into intentional narratives drawn by their development. Almost think of the view from a drone as if the operator were inside the drone when thinking FPV flight.

The drone industry started with a public perception of fear and lead to anxieties about military and surveillance use that ultimately restricted policy towards the potential for expansion. 3D Robotics CEO has detailed the rising of a small online community “Small UAV Coalition” that according to their website aims to challenge current legislation that restricts the development for enthusiasts to suit their drone needs. They’ve impressively…

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Cybernetics, Cyborgs or Just Drones?

T H I N K Sam

Unmanned aerial vehicles, quad-copters or drones whatever you like to refer to them as offer a unique perspective into a space with a camera lens controlled by you. This referral to an extension of the human eye offers the analysis of these machines as a bridge to technology and human capacity. The use of FPV goggles allows the pilot to have an immersed view of the drones lens as if they were inside the device, and control its flight path without having to watch the device itself.

As a cyber-cultures principle of embodiment unnecessary to being human, this sensation of flying what I believe the closest thing to a spaceship, adds to my intention to exploring the drone as an extension to the human eye. Throughout my investigation I want to uncover the categories in which are linked to the drone/human assessment, how drones are increasingly being used for tools…

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FPV – An Introduction

T H I N K Sam

Cyberculture can be referred to as the “response to the ubiquitous presence and use of computers and networks for aspects of contemporary social life” for example entertainment.  I like to link ‘computers’ to a broader extension of what is thought of, in a PC or laptop, but to a motherboard of controls to arduino to smart robotics. This leads into my fascination with drones. Over the last year I’ve built an expertise looking into Drones In Agriculture as well as Production, Consumption and Representation of Drones in China which allowed me to then extend the interest into FPV Drone Racing. In an attempt to break down what FPV drone enthusiasts actually do, I’m going to, from a complete beginners perspective, attempt to educate and isolate various elements so that eventually a league or club can be formed under my knowledge. 

FPV or First Person View racing can firstly be catergorised into…

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