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BCM 325 – Week 1 – 5 Live Tweet Evaluation

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Hi there! For the purposes of this blog post, I am going to discuss my live tweeting for the subject from weeks 1 to 5. To start off, I’d like to quickly point out that I missed Week 1 because I was in the United States. I also missed Week 3, due to the Covid-19 chaos I completely forgot that we’d still be screening the movie.

Next, an honest confession. Throughout my BCM journey, I have never liked the idea of having to use Twitter for my subjects. I basically don’t use the platform for anything else, and a quick glance at my profile will show you that it is as minimal as it gets. Literally, my profile picture is of Mike Wazowski from ‘Monsters Inc.’ for some inexplicable reason,  I have about 20 followers and all my posts are related to BCM. I guess I’ve never really felt comfortable…

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BCM325 Peer Review

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For this assignment we were required to provide commentary on the project pitches of 3 of our peers, and in doing so critically reflect on our own digital artifacts. Heres how it went!

Pitch 1: Daniel’s Cyberpunk and Future History Pitch 

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10.19.47 PM

I’ll start out by saying that I thought Daniel had a very interesting pitch. He was planning on doing a blog series which inspired by the themes of Cyberpunk, looked at how we “should or shouldn’t move into the future.” Unfortunately I didn’t know much about cyberpunk and therefore felt like I was missing something when I watched this pitch. Nonetheless, I tried to find connections between the lecture material and Daniels pitch. He mentioned Istvan Csicsery-Ronay and the idea that Sci Fi highlights the prehistories of our future. I tried to expand on this by raising the idea of the imaginaries, and how  the genre can influence technology…

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BCM325 – My DA Pitch

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Hi there!

For my BCM325 digital artifact I would like to do a blog series about the future of meat. I was inspired to do this by a previous blog series titled ‘The Future of Food.’ I want my own blog series to continue on in this theme, however look specifically at the meat industry on a global level.

I believe that there is clear public utility in a project of this nature. For starters, ‘global demand for meat is high and rising…the production of meat is resource-intensive and, at the very least, an environmental challenge, with implications for climate change’ (Freakonomics 2019). In terms of audience then, meat eaters for example, could use this blog to think about their meat consumption and make an informed and conscious decision as to whether they want to reduce their meat intake, and alternative options that could potentially be available to them in the…

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