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They just get Better and Beta – Comments

The Other Side Of Paradise

Comment 1 – Jack

Jack comment

Jack’s original DA idea was covering CGI and the use it had in films, further expanding into how it was going to change and evolve in the future. He has since decided to change his DA to covering micro transactions in sports games.

To help him get a head start on his research, I suggested a journal article that I used that I  know is incredibly helpful, as I used it in my DA last year which was a very similar topic to the DA he is deciding to switch to. Furthermore, I also told him to check out my blog and see if he can get any inspiration and ideas from my DA last year as he could possibly find some information that could further add valuable information into his podcast.

Comment 2 – Sophie

Sophie Comment

Sophie’s DA is exploring the future of body boarding as…

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The Future Of Music – A Beta Version Than Before

The Other Side Of Paradise

As mentioned in my Beta video, I’m slowly starting to understand the direction and scope that I want to use for the rest of my video essays going forward.

While I am a bit behind in terms of my scheduling, I’m not stressed as my second video is already almost done and my third video will be easier as I can utilise the feedback that I have been given for my previous video.

However I am finding myself being overwhelmed with other subjects and due dates, but that’s just the COVID-19 world we live in now!

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Twitter Talks

The Other Side Of Paradise

If you told me in year 1 of university that  I would be live tweeting and watching 11 movies in my final year of university I probably wouldn’t of believed you. But here we are.

Movie 1 – Metropolis

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 11.29.33 am

Although I had only watched Metropolis once, I didn’t really appreciate it for what it was (mostly because it was tied to high school work), so having an opportunity to re-watch it was pretty exciting.

When the movie started, the live tweeting began. I was nervous going into it, I wasn’t really used to having my thoughts and opinions broad-casted live to 30 other people instantaneously. But, I found my style of humor seeped in pretty quickly.

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 11.06.14 am.png

Right off the bat, I decided to tweet something to ease my own tension. Funnily enough, since it got 6 likes it actually made me far more nervous, I didn’t realise how many people…

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Digital Artifact Comments – A Personal Review

The Other Side Of Paradise

Comment 1 – Jack

Jack Comment

Jack’s DA idea was the easiest for me to digest and offer feedback as CGI and technology in general is an interest of mine. Additionally, since his topic is only ever going to become more and more used in today’s day and age, articles and resources were scattered all around so finding useful information for him was easy.

I explained that while his base idea was great, it was a foundation. I encouraged him to build upon this foundation and expand his idea as it’s pretty broad. It has so much potential and with so many examples of CGI being used outside of movies it would be crazy not to explore different areas of CGI.

I think that the ideas I suggested and the articles I linked were pretty solid in terms of a direction or a base idea he could follow. However, I probably should…

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The Future Of Music: An Analysis Of Predictions, Technology and Innovations

The Other Side Of Paradise


For my future cultures digital artefact I aim to create a 3 part visual essay which will discuss and predict the future of music and music artists.

I have such a passion for music, so the future of it is incredibly interesting to me, whether a new genre will take over, how a music artist is going to change how we view music for years to come or how we might listen to music in the future are all topics I may explore within this topic.


Music has such a large audience base, however it is divided into genres. From my last DA I fell into the trap of focusing on something a bit too niche, so this time I want to try and appeal to as much of an audience as I can.

The audience is really anyone who listens to music and actually personally cares about…

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