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Here’s my Final Digital Artefact

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When starting BCM325 this semester I wanted to try and incorporate my digital artefact from years past into this one. At first I found that rather challenging, my previous digital artefact was a makeup Instagram account. I wanted to use my previous digital artefact topic and spin it with the future topic to create a new digital artefact.

I started this process by researching how the beauty industry has changed with time and how it will continue to change within the future. I found a variety of both academic research and just other online sources. Some academic sources I found from doing research were more about past beauty trends. They also related more to theories about beauty for instance the feminist movement, which was not the direction I wanted my DA to head in.

I found that online sources fit better with my DA and helped me find the direction…

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I’m Getting Better at Live Tweeting

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This week’s screening was of Blade Runner 2049. As I have been live tweeting for 6 weeks now I am feeling more confident about watching the movie and tweeting at the same time. I did a variety of informative tweets by linking articles as well as spare of the moment tweets from scenes in the film. The tweet which got me the most interaction was one I made about a scene being uncomfortable.

I also did a poll which I found from my previous weeks of live tweeting get the most interaction with my peers. I did a poll about how people would feel about going to a hologram concert of one of their favourite artists. Many said it was not for them and I also got a reply from…

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A Lil Bit of Self Reflection + Comments

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Comment 1

The first BETA which I commented on was Lorena’s, they chose to focus their DA looking into David Bowie as a futurist. They planned to do both a video essay with an accompanying blog post which would have further information about the research which is used for the video essay.

In my comment I focused on the positives of their DA. I really loved the idea of using their interests of David Bowie to create a DA which is enjoyable to research. I also love the idea of creating a video essay as I said in my comment David Bowie is known for his flamboyant style which would create some fun imagery which is appealing for a video. I also really loved how Lorena listened to the original feedback given in the pitch video to go back and reiterate the idea. This is the main purpose of…

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Future of Beauty Trends Beta

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Most of my progress with my digital artefact as well as where I am headed is discussed in my beta presentation video. In my video I discuss some research which has helped be the basis of my blog posts.

One important resource which has helped me the most was a report conducted by Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine. The report outlined what the forecast of beauty trends between 2020-2030 will be. It helped a lot for my second blog post on medium term future as I was able to research in depth on some of the points mentioned in the report.

In terms of my last blog post and summary audio piece, the main sources I will be using is lecture material as well as first hand research from my Instagram account (@smsmakeup_). Stay tuned for my final blog post!


Global Cosmetic Industry 2020, The Beauty 2020-2030 Forecast, accessed…

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Learning to Live Tweet

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This week’s live tweeting was about the film Metropolis. I found this week extremely challenging, firstly it was my first week of live tweeting, it was a silent film which didn’t help my concentration and it was a very long film. I did a combination of both factual tweets which I had done research to prior to watching the film. These tweets were about the background of the film and how it was made etc. I also did tweets about the film as it was playing about moments that were interesting etc.

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Pitch Comments & Self Reflection

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Comment 1

The first pitch I commented on was Taylor’s, they chose to focus their DA on their own personal career plans. Taylor is hoping to become a music journalist or social media marketer. They already have a blog where they have started to create a portfolio of work for future employers.

In my comment I really focused on how they are centering their DA around their own future career goals. I think this is great for not only their own personal growth but it will ensure they complete a project they are passionate about. I really liked the concept of how they are presenting the final DA and in my comment I do mention I will be taking on board the ideas for my own project. I was rather stuck for ideas when it came to my multimedia element for my own DA so after hearing how Taylor…

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The Future of Beauty

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The digital artefact is mostly explained in the pitch however here is my production timeline that was mentioned in the video.

In terms of sources I found both academic sources and online sources on this topic. I found an academic source Coleman (2010) which discusses the past trends which were popular within the beauty world and how they can possibly contribute to what will become trendy in the future. In the lecture, it was discussed that past trends can have an affect on the future so I think sources discussing past trends in the beauty world will be useful.

I found another source Rochet (2019) about Loreal as a brand and how they have already progressed within the digital world. I think that the digital world and future of beauty will be a running theme through my digital artefact which is why it is important I find sources on this.

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