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In week 9 me and my partner ShuNing has made 2 YouTube videos and one blog for our DA project, at the beginning of the project we didn’t connect our topic to the future which is the most important thing that we need to fix it. Since the second video we decide to address food industry to the future such as what will food delivery looks like in the future/do we still need food if our body can be replace by machine? We did receive lots of feedback which are really useful for our project, before the end of the semester we want to make 2 more videos/blogs and talking about the possibility of food industry in the future. We believe the quality of our project will keep improving as the time goes by.

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BCM325 Live-tweeting reflection

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In this semester we are required to watch some classic movie which were related to future culture, I also have an opportunity to admire the imagination of these great director from twentieth century. However, we are not only watching these movie but also share our experience which is live-tweeting at the immediate time during the tutorial. I‘ve never tired to watch a movie and post my viewing experience on twitter at the same time, it was quite intersting to share my thought on twitter and also interact with other classmates. In the rest of the post I will share some of my original tweets and the tweets that I like from other classmates, I think I could find out something that I need to improve for my live-tweeting skills through the contrast.


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BCM325 Comments and self-reflection

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Last week I have finished the Digital Artefact pitch for BCM325 and I am very curious about what project are the classmate doing, in this post I will show the 3 comments that I make under my classmates’s post and also talk about where can I improve on for my DA.

Hannah chose to do a project about tabletops game which is very interesting to me because I really like to play tabletops game with my family/friends on weekend. Tabletops game is popular in worldwide for a really long time and the creator is always try to improve the playability of tabletops games in recent decade. However with the development of technology, it is avaliable for us to play tabletops game on our PC and mobile phone and the amount of online tabletops game player is still increasing due to the impact of covid-19. Will tabletops game be compeletly…

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BCM325 Digital Artefact

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In this semester I decide to make a project which is related to food again, I have made a food project with my classmate ShuNing Li which is about cooking in BCM206. We want to make some extension base on our previous digital artefact.

For our new project, ShuNing will travel to differents restaurant in different city in China and film the video materials for our channel. I will edit these materials and upload it on YouTube which is our main channel.

This time we want to let the audience can actually see what is the restaurant looks like in China, hopefully we can attract the interest from people so they can travel to China and taste the local food.

We think this project is sustainable for long tern development because the demand for food will never disapper, we will try to expand our channel as time goes on.

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