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This is where I’ve talked about the future of education while I am still being educated

Communications according to Ben

Vancey · Future Of Education – the next 10 years

The digital artefact for BCM325 was a little strange at first and it took some serious effort and  thinking to wrap my head around the concept, looking at the possible future of a certain topic. I guess it was the first time I had a dedicated focus for the project which meant that I had to do a lot more research instead of just making something. Which in turn added to the difficulty of the project, however it made the project more relevant for the professional portfolio moving forward towards graduation. Just like the past four DA’s that I have done, the original  idea that was pitched in week 3 was investigated but ultimately changed due to the feedback that I received. From both tutors, people online. I reached out to people  on reddit through r/socialmedia the response was not…

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This wasn’t a roast (swear mums)

Communications according to Ben

🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳BETA TIME!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

This time round I decided to comment on four people’s blogs because a couple stated that they didn’t get any feedback on their pitch. With that in mind, I randomly picked 4 blogs and watched away. Based on feedback from the first round of commentary (pitch comments) I decided to create a little rubric for myself to help structure not just my comment the help me focus on the key areas need to construct some appropriate feedback. All the blogs I commented on, I  went back and watched their pitch videos, and read the. contextual blogs to get bit of background on their subject matters.  Key questions that I asked myself when commenting on the blogs were:

  • Did they listen to feedback (if any…) from comments or address the comments from the markers?
  • Was there evidence of lecture links?
  • Is there evidence of audience engagement?
  • What is…

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The future is now

another one

Communications according to Ben

So in the future, we are slowly accepting that cars will be electric. Whether they’re driverless or not doesn’t matter, but because of my heritage based in the Mecca of car racing here in Australia I want to just pose a question, can electric cars still rip skids or will the aesthetic simply be gone??

Food for thought perhaps

Back on track, this is the collection of my most prominent tweets and interactions from the later half (ish) of the semester. Just off the top, I did find it hard initially to link tweets to the lecture material in some weeks. But once the conversations started happening online and the thought processes of my peers became apparent it was a lot easier to participate and understand the theories and frameworks explored. I often have this issue, as I feel I learn more in conversing and understanding through discussion than actually…

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Schools of tomorrow


Communications according to Ben

Update on my DA for BCM325.

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The dribble of the future


Communications according to Ben

Throughout BCM325 – Future cultures  which, if I am being honest (so far) is my favourite subject throughout the degrees (so far). Not because we get to watch movies and ‘try’ to link them to lecture material, however it is actually getting me to think about what the world is going to look like in 5,  10, 15 years and look to be honest, even what the world might look like at the end of THIS year.  Any way,  back on track, in each seminar we a re required to live. tweet as the movie progress, to instigate discussion and drive curiosity in the hope of linking aspects from the movie. I am going to present those tweets and comments to you, I order.  Beginning with week 1, where we looked one of the first science fiction films. – Metropolis.

Week 1 – Future Thinking


Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 5.03.38 pm Physical depiction of the…

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Penny for my thoughts – sorta

Communications according to Ben

As part of the DA we have to comment on three Digital artefacts.
These are the three that I did, all really interesting ideas and moving forward I am genuinely excited to follow along this wonderful journey that is third year and the last few DA’s we have to do.


First off is Sanjaya

Find my comment here

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 5.08.36 pmSanjaya had a very good pitch, the video was full of the information needed and under the 2:00 limit. I feel some minor editing was needed to tie it all together but did not detract from it overall. What I recommended Sanjaya do was break his posts into set topics rather than break it down into time periods, this I feel gives him more flexibility in setting those periods as they may be different. Breaking it down into set topics would also allow him to go more in depth in his…

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Moving Forward – Pitch

Well, Done Ben! Great Job HD for sure

Communications according to Ben

Heya BCM fam

Once again we are pitching DA’s, this time for BCM325 – Future Cultures

The focus for this assignment and this subject in particular is the future, and how we as communicators and creators can almost maybe predict the future. For instance,  2001 birthed the idea of touch screen tablets like the iPad and AI. These inventions are now plausible because of the thought and imagination of people back then, so quite literally anything is possible when we think about it!

The DA is going to have a strong focus on the first two weeks of lecture material – Future thinking & Trajectories and planning. It also has the potential to link up with upcoming topics.

The aim of my DA is to inform, and not in a fake “hip” way that almost sarcastically explains basic things, but to inform like Hack on Triple J. My target audience…

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