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Currently at the University of Wollongong studying a bachelor of Communications and Media and International Studies.

Let’s Live Tweet

Something About Aliah

Prior to BCM325, I don’t think I’d ever live tweeted in my life (except maybe during the 7 hour live stream of one direction on 1D Day in 2013 but we don’t talk about that). So coming into class on the first day and being told that’s what we were actually doing was a bit of shock, I guess i should have looked at the subject outline but anyway…

Luckily, I had already, not only seen the first movie Metropolis, but also had done it for English during high school and had an abundance of essays and cursed memories on the film. Because of this, half my tweets consisted of sentences straight out of my essays; Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 10.32.12 PM.png

and the other half, were simply memes (with only one researched tweet with a linkScreen Shot 2020-04-16 at 10.37.05 PM.png):Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 10.34.20 PM.png

Due to already having a bunch of information up my sleeve, I found week 1 easy and was…

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A Critical Analysis

Something About Aliah

I have been required to watch and then make commentary on three student’s pitches who are also in BCM325, in doing this I have been able to critically analyse my own pitch and make adjustments accordingly.

First up we had Sanjaya, he pitched a DA that would have a series of blogs on the future on meat. Sanjaya in his pitch, tosses up two options of where to take his blogs, either with where meat will be in 5 years, 10 years etc. or meat alternatives. In my comment, I decided to provide him some meat alternatives he could look into if he decides to make any blogs on that. Being vegetarian myself and having tried a variety of options I believed my best commentary would be just simply telling him my personally preference of meat alternatives and recommending he could give them a try and rate them by…

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Becoming Eco-Friendly…

Something About Aliah

“Human impact has now grown to the point that it has changed the course of Earth in history by at least many millennia” (Williams et al., 2015, 2016).

I have decided to focus on encouraging more eco-friendly use as my Digital Artefact because it is our responsibility, as habitants on Earth, to do something to save our planet! After researching the easiest ways to be more eco-friendly, I have decided that if I can convey this information in a fun, simple way, hopefully it can catch the attentions of young people who can incorporate the ideas into their everyday life and potentially carry it through the rest of their life!

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