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Live tweeting is stressful…


Week 1:


My live tweeting experience began with week’s one’s Ghost in the Shell (1995). I hadn’t seen this film before but knew of its existence in relation to film studies. I tweeted a quote, “Countless ingredients to make up the human body and mind” as I found it interesting in terms of humans being produced in a non-organic setting.  Although, this tweet didn’t receive much engagement I still thought it was a stimulating quote to share.

Week 3:

31369403_1696077747096433_4802580525707427840_nFor the screening of Johnny Mnemonic (1995), I chose to add humour into my tweeting. This reflected how I saw the movie. As a collective, students didn’t take the film too seriously. I created a meme based on Ice-T’s character. I used intertextuality to engage with a variety of audiences. Ice-T most prominent role is Detective Tutuola in Law and Order: SVU. This tweet received eleven likes and…

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Dronea Vinci?


Science fiction directs how cyberculture is understood, it does not attempt to predict the future but reflects the now as today’s society is virtual. Technology is overtaking our lives whether we like it or not.

Drones have been conversation starters since they became available to purchase within the public. They previously were only associated with military operations and hush-hush government surveillance. They were born into the tech world with no creative intention. However, drones today are commonly used by photographers, filmmakers, bloggers, and artists. Artist, James Bridle states,“One way of looking at drones is as a natural extension of the internet” he continues to explain, “in terms of allowing sight and vision at a distance.”

With the growth of technology, surveillance has increased. Drones are devices often used to spy on individuals and the public. Artists work to spread awareness of this through art and ironically the inclusion…

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