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BCM325 – Live Tweeting Summary Pt. 1

All films feature the concept offuturologythrough analysing and predicting the future through various concepts. This can also be seen as a form ofAnthropoceneas the films all feature a futuristic world that has evolved due to the impact of human activity and manmade technology.

Week 1:A Space Odyssey (1968)

Week 1 was all about getting my bearings on what this whole “live tweeting” exercise was all about as I haven’t done it in any other subjects before. The film itself was very intriguing, posing a lot of deep topics which is mainly what I tweeted about. I must say I did hold back with interactions a bit though and stuck to retweeting and liking others tweets just because this was new territory for me and I wasn’t 100% comfortable with the idea as of yet. Chris actually did mention…

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BCM325 – Time To Reflect..

For this weeks blog post, we are tasked with the job of reflecting upon and critiquing the blogs of our peers! Studies show that providing employees with the opportunity toreflecton their own work and the work of others increases the chance of an improved result next time. I couldn’t agree more with this as I can definitely see the gaps in my pitch that I would be able to improve on next time as a result of peer reflection. Through developing afeedbackloop with your peers provides a different perspective of where you can further take your project.

After reading an article about thevalue of self-reflection, I became aware of the various facets of life that self-reflection may enhance. Relationships, self-worth, skills, development, knowledge, and health can all be improved by reflecting on past, current, and future events, both personally and academically.

P.S. Listen…

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Background Research

Analysing the world of fast fashion’s detrimental repercussions can be done through ananthropogeniclens. If humans had never thought of clothing as a competitive trend where individuals are wanting more for less, our world would be in a different place. We wouldn’t be in today’s age observing the wrong doings of the past in order to reverse the cycle and begin on a journey of slow fashion for an improved future. But.. for this to have happened, the nature of humans would have to be different which is impossible. It’s human nature to compete and constantly be searching for the newest and best thing at the time which in this case is fashion. At the same time, it’s also human nature to make mistakes which is what this DA is all about, understanding the mistakes of the past and the…

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