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Contextual Essay


As you may or may not know, my initial plan for my DA this semester was to go ahead with my business – The Social Makeover AU to create a 3 part podcast series on spotify to document the future of TSM. Since my pitch, I decided to combine my DA with my classmate Tiara as she recently joined The Social Makeover team. Why not share the passion?

Our approach for this DA, was by proposing a three part video series addressing our short, medium and long term goals which include:

Tiara and I have set roles in the business, therefore, some commitments and tasks are designated within that role. We both focused on creating not only a strategic but realistic business plan that pushes us into the right decision in achieving our goals. As the creative director of the business, it was my responsibility to keep everything…

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Peer Commentary.. Let’s Reflect.

A quick summary on my peer reviews

What did you learn from engaging in the process? 

When I listened and read everyone’s pitch presentations, it was refreshing and exciting – not only because of how different everyone’s approaches were, but the choice in topics! Three of the digital artefacts I reviewed were all unique and subject to their interests/experiences. These included online shopping and AR, DOTA and climate change. As someone who has little to no knowledge about some of these topics, it was an experience.

Conducting peer feedback has taught me what to look out for and assume good intent. In the past, I struggled to give feedback as I did not know what to look out for and what I was actually giving “feedback” to. Instead of just commenting on the positives and negatives, I highlighted what was evident in both their blog and presentation, followed by all…

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Watching Movies + Tweeting = <3

A quick summary:

View all my tweets from weeks 1-6 live screenings: 

Week 1: Space Odyssey (2001) 

My first thought instantly was I hope this is going to be a movie I enjoy. I am not really into sci-fi movies, however I put all doubts to the side and gave it a chance! The first movie we watched was Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. As this was my first time live tweeting, I was kind of nervous and was kind of lost when watching this film, especially in the beginning. 

When watching the intro, and seeing everyone’s tweets come caving in – I retweeted Pia’s tweet about nostalgia and movies! Defs put me in the feels.

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The Future of The Social Makeover

My Pitch Video!

Hi everyone! For those who don’t know I am a creative brand designer and managing director at The Social Makeover Australia. The Social Makeover is a creative design agency with a passion for makeovers in all aspects of design.

So far, the TSM journey has been a huge rollercoaster – ironically with many ups and downs. The Social Makeover have successfully:

  • Having the opportunity to work with clients internationally
  • Grown our social media online presence (specifically on Instagram)
  • Interacted and engaged with business groups across different regions and countries
  • Recently launched our new website

I will be using this opportunity to expand, grow and advance not only my skills as a creative designer, but also as a business owner.


How will I develop goals for the future of The Social Makeover?

I plan to create a 3 part podcast series on Spotify to document the…

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