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Tweety bird #BCM325

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As far as attendance goes, the start of this semester was a little rocky for me in trying to get my work schedule in check. My tweeting was therefore non-existent but I finally got the hang of it and let me tell you its genuinely one of my favourite parts in my week. My Thursday mornings now consist of pilates, come back with coffee in hand, pop on the couch, set up the screening, popcorn for breakfast and away we go.

My approach to tweeting has been to be informative about the movie, humorous to some degree and craft ideas whilst engaging with fellow peers who both share similar or different views on the screening.

Here are the past 2 weeks of tweets, which is what I have been able to attend thus far. First up :

Week 4 : Blade Runner 1982

Here are some of the examples of…

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Comments 4 the 3 choosen Peers #bcm325

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From our own Pitches to others, to give praise, recommendation and feedback is a delightful opportunity. Below are the three peers’s pitches I chose to give comment to and a summary and self reflection of my own feedback for each.

First up, Josephine : The Future of Women in Leadership

Summary :

Josephine is exploring the future of women in leadership and its relevance for the growth of society. She plans to do YouTube videos as well as contextual essays and cover the time frame of. This DA already has a well rounded range of sources, with the hopes to speak to women of her community in Illawarra about the topic as a primary resource to further strengthen the validity and reliability of the project.

Self Reflection :

I expressed how I was drawn to the DA in that as a young women myself soon to graduate with the desires…

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How will Retail Therapy Change? #BCM325 PITCH <33

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Here is the video to my BCM325 Pitch :

I have decided to do the Future of Retail – long term (10-20 years). As explained in the pitch it will focus on the threats to the retail industry that has come from the rise in e-commerce and impact of COVID-19. It will be a three part blog series posted right here to my word press, and shared through my twitter. #BCM325.The relevance for users is that hopefully it will encourage discussion around the impacts of E-commerce on retailers and raise awareness around the deeper issues of COVID-19 int terms of its change to lifestyles.

Here is another look at my production timeline :

I want to make the blogs, informative, entertaining and create meaning around its two focuses with the help of both primary and secondary resources. When I say Primary resources I want to use Twitter tools like polls…

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