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Post 2, a brief review.

Don't Forget Stephen

My research topic has been set into the realm of Esports. An area which is expanding constantly and gaining more recognition worldwide. When originally looking into Esports as a topic I started to look into the athletes that made up the rosters of Esports teams. My main focus was going to be a videogame I frequent League of Legends, an online MOBA which pits two teams of 5 champions against each other. But as I started to look further into the Esports culture surrounding league the argument of what makes Esports an official sport was present. Over many different scholarly articles different definitions of what makes a sport recognised wasn’t consistent. This changed the trajectory of my research from the athletes to the sport itself and what qualifies something to be a sport. As explored by the Oxford Dictionaries blog sport has gone through many different explorations into the world…

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A tweet reflection

Don't Forget Stephen

Welcome to the start of my reflection. The first thing I would like to reflect upon is not getting a Storify before its servers shut down. They stopped taking new users as of December. (Moment of silence).


But now that the moment of silence is over welcome to the live tweeting, class discussion, media deconstruction portion of the blog. All posts made by me will be seen on the left hand side of the article.

As a proper deconstruction should go we will be opening with the positives (or what I believe to be positive) side of the tweets, followed by the improvements to be made in my tweeting. A lot of my tweeting is found to be questioning the capability and ethics surrounding the subjects in question. Within the viewing of Westworld (1973) the question of the ethics comes up. Most of my main focus of the tweets ask…

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E-spots The next gen athlete

Don't Forget Stephen

For the class “Future Cultures” (BCM325) I have decided to explore the world of the future athete. Now when we think of sport many people come to the idea of a physical game with long established codes, support and recognition. Now this outlook if fine, and correct to say the least. These are the most recognisable types of sport. But within the new generation new professional athletes are coming to the forfront. These are Esport gamers, the top players from there respective games and the ones who come together for some of the biggest competitions in recent history. My research project will look into what an Esport is, Which culture supports these players and how it impacts the lives of those around. The development of Esports is starting to grow in the modern day, and will continue to grow for many years to come.

The world of competitive video games…

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