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Introducing: The Green Thread

Lazy Susan.

An operational prototype

Find The Green Thread website here, and the Lazy Susan Studio Instagram page here.

When considering the future of fashion, the necessary steps to ensure the sustainability of the industry and the provision of clothing for the generations to come must be implemented now. As Gordon and Hill explain, “sustainable fashion is a growing subject of interest to a wide range of people… fashion students and conscientious consumers (2014)

So far, my website The Green Thread has been attempting to both target the current-day issue as well as challenges faced in the future, all whilst appealing to a younger demographic. A recent study from C&A foundation indicated that “86% of young people are interested in the environmental and social impacts of the clothes they buy, with two thirds of this group stating that these impacts either already affect their spending decisions, or indicating that they…

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Tweet Your Heart Out

Lazy Susan.

Live tweeting is something that I have never previously engaged with and, admittedly, has been a challenging skill to acquire. Comparing my first week of tweeting in Metropolis (1927) with my most recent week, I believe I have improved immensely as I have learned some strategies and techniques in both the planning of tweets as well as critically engaging with my classmates.

Initially, I have curated my Twitter to have a professional look, identifiable profile image and a description of myself linking my location to UOW. This has been done with the intention of engaging more followers from the university setting. At the time of writing this, I am following 365 people and have 285 followers, almost all who are from the BCM faculty. I make sure that I follow regular twitter users from my classes and always try to follow back any classmate who follow me, as I believe…

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My Two Cents

Lazy Susan.

commenting process this semester has been particularly useful for me when
compared to previous semesters. In the past, I have provided only comments
about the good parts of a blog post or pitch, whereas this time, when
approaching the contribution of feedback for my peers, I have attempted to be
more critical of areas that might need improvement. Each comment is written in
semi-formal language, to give myself some credibility while also relating to my
classmates and making the observations more readable.

Admittedly, outside of the compulsory nature of this assignment task, commenting on people’s blogs is a practice I would not necessarily undertake out of my own personal motivation. However, the process of providing critical feedback has encouraged me to reconsider my own pitch, and areas that may not have come across as clearly as I had imagined. One example is my methodology, which I think could have…

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Fashion Forward: Digital Artefact Pitch

Lazy Susan.

For the major part of human history, clothing has been hand made and tailored with a purely functional purpose.  Prior to the industrial revolution, textile production was “small scale in home workshops called cottage industries” (Monet, 2017). It wasn’t until the twentieth century that these networks of small tailors gradually evolved into the large scale manufacturing market that we know today, ultimately resulting in the disastrous environmental impact. With an exponentially growing population the future is now challenged with a strong push towards sustainability, as well as technological and ethical implications that will inevitably shape the future of fashion.

Lazy Susan Studiowill be continuing this semester to address the short-term challenges of sustainability in fashion, with tangible products that an already existing audience can access now. In the blogs or podcasts, the content will cover the long-term future of fashion, up to 50 – 100 years. They…

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