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When My DA(s) Grow Up…

Groundhog Grant

At the beginning of the semester when it was still fresh I was tossing up what I was choosing to do my BCM325 DA on when I realised how there were two things that were steadily technology impacted aspects of my life that had been completely thrown to the wind due to the virus. My job and my gym. My original plan for my DA was actually to continue my work on my workplace’s social media and marketing aspects, which had been changing drastically since the beginning of the year. Ideally, exploring how the added demand on businesses to maintain a social media presence and what impact these expectations have on both businesses and platforms, effecting financial and reputation gains. As during this time as I had been exploring the ideas of futurists like Malcom McLuhan and the ideas that we use ‘media as extensions of ourselves’, I thought that…

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BETA Feedback

Groundhog Grant

Bill Gates once said that “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

Recently we received reflections on our BETA presentations as well as gave them out to other students. I am one for constructive criticism and thankyou to those who commented on my blog and had so much feedback for me:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.18.27 pmScreen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.18.32 pmScreen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.18.37 pm

Everyone had so much to help me grow my ideas and all of them gave me different resources that were really interesting!

I was also able to look at the BETAs that others were doing, I commented on the work of:

Jasmyn Connell

Steff Harris

Josh Sorensen

Jasmyn’s BETA showed her work in the UOW Digital Media Society. There was a few blogs that I looked at that were involved with UOW Creative platforms and collectively I enjoyed how they all worked with the earlier years uni students and other creatives to have…

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Live Tweets 6-12

Groundhog Grant

This second half of the semester I have found myself engaging with the other people in BCM325 in more sophisticated ways and also in a way that has challenged my views on the content and film ideas e.g. Sorry Chris, I didn’t hate Ready Player One as much as I expected to…..

*you can see all of my tweets on my twitter @tahl_g*

Week 6 saw us start with Ghost in the Shell (1995) on the topic of Futurists, leading on to Cyber Culture/Space/ Cyborgs, AI and the ACTUAL future. Ghost in the Shell posed serious philosophical questions about a potential future when our human bodies have been intimately fused with technology — mechanically enhanced and able to plug into the internet straight from our minds (Schrodt 2017). I had some very interesting discussions with fellow classmates about different aspects of ‘human traits’ and how we hold them in…

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You BETA Work

Groundhog Grant

Welcome back (to my channel),

An update from the Pitch and I have changed ideas! Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, a few of us have been a bit anxious about the shutdown of gyms, and movement to online classes. However, even before the shutdown, gyms were already being influenced by technology. The franchise of F45 was a huge hit globally (myself included) in its revolutionary delivery format. The gyms were adopting state-of-the-art plasma displays that play exercise demos, control the timing of each exercise, and show the heart-rate monitor data of members with F45-specific wearables (IT Brief 2019).

However, for many group training fans, it is known to be hard to fit these classes into a casual or part-time work schedule. So when things went online I was interested to see how the communications would change. Justin Ashley, an American PT who founded Fitness Playground, believes 2020 will permanently…

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An Underrated Skill.

Groundhog Grant

Multitasking! Everyone thinks that they can multitask, and to an extent most people can. But since enrolling in BCM325 (Future Cultures) I have discovered that there is one form of multitasking that I completely underestimated – Live Tweeting. Within the last few weeks I have been attempting to live tweet films that we’ve been watching each week for class, and while I do believe that I have improved since Week 1, I also know that there are elements that I can both improve on and even adopt to further this skill and really take advantage of technologies to get the most out of live tweeting.

Now I haven’t seen many of the films that we are scheduled to watch this semester, I’m not the biggest Sci-Fi buff, which is the category that many of these films fall into. So I was pretty overwhelmed at first when I was trying to…

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The Future of all the things…

Groundhog Grant

So this week I had the opportunity to read through and comment of a few of my peers pitch ideas from our previous assessment. Through looking at these comments and reading through the ideas that other people had I became really inspired to give them the feedback that I would expect to be given if it was someone else reading through my pitch. At first I read through and looked at what the person had done well and then what questions I could ask looking at face value.

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 1.14.21 pm.pngScreen Shot 2020-04-07 at 1.14.29 pm.png

You will notice that in all of the comments I gave, I did two posts as when I looked over the first comment I didn’t believe that I had been – for lack of a better word – AS critical or questioning as I would want if someone was giving me an informal critique. So I thought a bit more about what…

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Digital Artefact Pitch

Hi everyone,

I have recently become aware of a new type of cyber culture and form of content creation in the form of “The Hype House” on TikTok. This type of mass content creation – like we’ve seen through Team 10 and other “influencer housing” has become a very popular and bulk way of keeping people interacted with an app and page for a longer amount of time while also housing their most prominent influencers for a price.

Figuring out how to watch this trend and create an artefact out of it was my biggest bump in deciding what to pick for my DA this semester.

My second plan is to possibly watch the trends in hospitality socials over the unfolding of COVID-19 around the Illawarra and how businesses react and change to move with changes in Environment. This would be done through my own employers Instagram and social media action plan that I am currently working on with the management team.

Please see the video below to watch the mess of my brain unfolding in picking a topic: