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BCM325 DA Contextual Essay

Taleasha Rose

On several occasions Australia’s history is represented by non-Indigenous voices and perspectives. The idea of A Widening Gap was to create a space where Indigenous perspectives could be viewed, particularly in relation to Indigenous issues.

In regard to the Future Cultures Challenge, I wanted to create opinion piece style blogs in order to share my thoughts and opinions on the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and communities. I wanted to use the blog to explain why I personally believe that this gap will not close over the next five to ten years’ time.

When first creating A Widening Gap, there were plenty of struggles – including finding content that I could discuss without starting World War 3 on WordPress.
Once I had found the content, I had to approach it with sensitivity while also trying to get my point across.
My first blog post was…

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Friendly Feedback – BCM325

Taleasha Rose

I love the idea of sharing feedback on other DA’s! It allows me to read about things that I may not have if it weren’t for BCM325. Things such as marketing/advertising and computer-generated imagery.


I’m not going to lie, I freaked out when I saw marketing and advertising mentioned! But I was intrigued to hear Jessica’s audio about her Beta.
I loved the fact that Jessica took on board her pitch feedback and implemented it into her DA Beta, and she was clearly interested in what she was doing for her DA.
After listening to Jessica’s first podcast, it definitely led me to remember the BCM110 and BCM112 content surrounding filter bubbles, etc.

The only kind of critical feedback I could really think of was when the podcasts would be posted – daily, weekly, etc.? I suggested that posting the podcasts consistently and at roughly the same time each…

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Tweaking Live Tweeting for BCM325

Taleasha Rose

I can easily say that the last few weeks have featured some fantastic screenings! I was particularly fond of I, Robot and The Matrix.

Taking onboard the feedback I was given in the first half of the semester, I was ready to take on the world of live tweeting.

Week 8 – I, Robot
In this week I was ready to take on the challenge of live tweeting, while also being so absorbed in the screening – a personal favourite, might I add.

During the screening I shared several tweets, one focusing on the ‘laws of robotics’.

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[BCM325 DA Beta] A Widening Gap

Taleasha Rose

It’s been a long few weeks, but my first blog post has been posted!

I initially thought that once I created the blog then it would be all smooth sailing from then on in…
But it wasn’t.

I began with creating a list of potential issues/news stories I could discuss on my blog, which I feel will definitely make things easier moving forward.
However, creating my first blog post was a little harder than I first anticipated.

Setting up the blog was the easy part (although I do plan to continue to customise it)

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 7.29.24 pm.png

But posting the first blog post was a challenge!

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 7.30.51 pm
I realised quickly that I didn’t really have a target audience.
I knew what I hoped to do by creating the blog, and by posting weekly opinion pieces, but I didn’t have a set target audience for my DA.
So moving forward, I’m hoping to narrow down…

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BCM325 Blog Comments

Taleasha Rose

I love the idea of peers commenting on my posts and vice versa; it allows me to gain other perspective, and for me to offer a different perspective to others.

During the commenting process, I was able to reflect on my own DA pitch while making suggestions to others. For example, in my comment on Taani’s pitch: #intersectional_future I referred to my DA and how I would be using current and past media articles to show a continuous gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples/communities, and made the suggestion that perhaps she too could use the media as a source for her DA.

It was in this comment that I also referred to a previous digital artefact I had done in BCM114, where I had used Instagram as my main platform, and mentioned the struggles that I had faced with it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 2.58.07 pm

On Tahlia’s pitch: Thriving Twenties, I was a little…

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BCM325 Live Tweeting

Taleasha Rose

Over the last six weeks, I have been live tweeting during weekly screenings in class in BCM325 – Future Cultures.

Week One – Metropolis (1927)
The first week of live tweeting was a definite struggle for me!
I feel that a lack of tweeting on a regular basis left me at a disadvantage, in comparison to other students who regularly tweet and interact on Twitter.
I also wasn’t overly engaged in the film, which left me unable to interact with my peers on Twitter in regard to the screening.

Week Two – 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

It was in week 2, during this screening that I finally started to engage with my peers through live tweeting.
My confusion around the week 2 screening was shared with others…

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch

Taleasha Rose

My Digital Artefact will reflect on the widening gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and communities.

When thinking of our society, and how little is being done to preserve Aboriginal culture, it’s sad to come to the realisation that not much has changed in the last 50 years – and when thinking about the future, I don’t see there being much change in 5, 10, 25 years.

As an Aboriginal woman, I can offer an Indigenous perspective on current and past issues that are circulating in our society, and how this affects me personally, as well as how it could also potentially affect other Aboriginal peoples.

Using WordPress, I will create a blog that pulls apart past and present issues, and gives an opinion on how these issues could be/is affecting Aboriginal peoples and/or communities – and from this, I will look at ideas/give an opinion on how I feel…

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