And we are Live Tweeting!

Tamara Kelly

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So live-tweeting where do I begin…

When I first learnt we were going to be live tweeting I was low-key dreading it. When I watch certain television shows I do see people live tweeting using the shows particular hash tag, all following along and tweeting away. I however, never use Twitter and I’m not much of an ‘opinion based’ social media poster unless if it’s just for a bit of banter, so it was a bit of a strange concept to me.

Going way back to week 1 watching ‘Ghost in the Shell’ 1995 film, I was trying to find interesting facts about the movie as well as commenting on the film itself and what was happening as I was watching. I knew I had to get at least 10 tweets. Looking at those first weeks tweets, there wasn’t much interaction with the rest of the class…

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