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Tweet tweet live tweet


I’ve gotten so much more comfortable with tweeting compared to the other half of the semester. Twitter is a platform I don’t usually use other than for uni purpose but i’ve started to explore it and came across interesting content and accounts. I do plan on building my online presence on it more.

Note: I missed two of the classes so i was unable to to tweet on the films Johnny Mnemonic and Marjorie Prime.


Week 7 Screening: I Robot (2004)

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Week 9 Screening: Robot and Frank (2012)

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The movie tells the story of relationship between a retired burglar and a robot. I started looking for robots that help the elderly in real life. This movie definitely encouraged a conversation as it was an emotional topic. I also posted a question in order to start a conversation.

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Later Jonathan and I talked about how it is very common…

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Let’s begin with the comments!


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So, Connor’s DA was a podcast and he talking about surfing and the culture that surrounds it and it’s future impact. Focusing on business, social media and future technology and discussing it with his cohost. Connor has good knowledge on this topic and clear direction on what he wants to do with his podcast. His podcast is on SoundCloud which is easily accessible. From his first podcast to his latest one, there has been a lot of improvement and the content is easy to understand (even for a person who knows nothing about surfing like me). He cut down the length of his podcast from 8mins to 5mins which is good for viewer retention. Connor can attract a good audience base as the surfing culture is big in Wollongong. I suggested him to look into the developing surfing culture in India.


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Talks With Tan: Beta presentation


“Talks with Tan” Is a podcast created for my DA. I’ll be focusing on “Social media & Artificial Intelligence.” Social media is growing every day and Artificial intelligence in social media is gaining prominence. While AI can never replace human interaction between brands and customers, it is helping create a bond.  It is an exciting time to be in the domain of Artificial Intelligence currently which is going through transformational changes and the future can only get better from here.

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Access my video here:

For my digital artefact I would like to talk about the past, present and future of AI. There is so much that artificial intelligence is being used for and so much more potential that it is hard to picture our future without it — especially when it comes to business. Artificial intelligence will be and is becoming a commonplace in every aspect of life so I would like to talk about topics such as future of self-driving cars, more accurate weather predictions, or earlier health diagnosis’, just to name a few. I will do this with a podcast, supporting it with images, videos and blogging to convey my progress and findings. Background research will include academic articles along with news and media sources. For my methodology I will be mapping down the keys innovations and the impact these will have on our society.

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