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Final Digital Artefact Submission: Impacts of E-Waste and Cryptocurrency

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Computers have become a part of peoples everyday lives along with other electronics such as smartphones and even smart-assistants. Because of this I recently decided to build my own PC since I was relying too much on my laptop, but while researching different parts and builds along with where I could buy them I started to wonder what actually happens to, specifically computers, but also any electronic device after it has reached the end of its life cycle? The answer was, I had no idea.

Computers are something we use in our everyday life, whether it be for work, school, entertainment or even just learning in general by looking up new things. Cryptocurrency mining is one activity that uses parts of a PC to earn somebody a source of income by quite literally sitting there doing nothing (well after you have gotten everything set up that is).

Armed with these…

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Digital Artefact Status: Work In Progress

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It has now been multiple weeks since I started work on my Digital Artefact about the process of building a PC and some of the issues involved with cryptocurrency and the effects of e-waste and honestly progress has been, limited. Since beginning the project I have realised that the final submission (if in video format) should only have a length of around 7:30, absolutely cutting my dreams for three different videos all of which would run for between 5-10 minutes. I recently found out though that I could change the structure of the assignment and add the parts about selecting components for the PC and then actually building the PC as extra videos that are unmarked so I plan to do them in that format while having the talk about issues be submitted as the actual assessed material. The reason I have still decided to continue with the videoing of…

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Live Tweeting to Pass University

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Over the past 8 weeks I have been s**tposting live tweeting in one of my university subjects BCM325 (Future Cultures at University of Wollongong Australia) as we watch different movies or TV shows that look at the relationships between man and machine. I have had to use Twitter to engage with the content in previous subjects but for the most part that included me trying to find vaguely relevant articles to some topic that didn’t really interest me and pretend that I had actually read the whole thing beforehand but live tweeting was very, very different.

Live tweeting is the process of commenting on an event that is happening live on the social media platform Twitter where in this case the event was watching these different shows and movies during my Thursday tutorial, and honestly when I started out the concept frightened me. Not for any reason like…

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The Life of a Computer

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There are countless ‘how to’ videos all over the internet that explain everything from how to complete a certain mission in a game to how you build own car and building Personal Computers, or PC’s, is no exception. Platforms like YouTube are saturated with videos about how to build your own PC and how easy it is to do.

giphy (2).gifScreen Shot 2018-03-23 at 7.41.10 pm

Unfortunately learning how to build something from most of these videos is like learning how to cook. In my experience learning how to cook it felt like every three seconds was somebody saying “and then leave it in the oven until it looks like its done”. Well what in the world is done supposed to look like? What if my oven is different from yours? How do I test when I think something is done? and I believe that videos of people explaining how to build a PC have the same…

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