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Future of the Film Industry: Contextual Report

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My DA has been a rocky road full of writes, re-writes, aesthetic changes and biggest of all platform changes. I originally wanted to create a digital artefact that focused on the future of the film industry within the next 5-10 years. As cinema and film have been rapidly evolving in the past few years, I wanted to discover more and develop my own theories of what will be up and coming.

I found out somewhat early on that my original idea for the digital artefact, video essays, was going to be too much work for me to handle so I decided to create a website instead. This was my first time developing a website so had to stumble through a lot of issues before I was able to create content for the site. After I had the bare bones down, I split all the topics I wanted to address down…

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Critical Reflection of Comments – Beta Edition

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Okay here we go again with a critical reflection of Beta Comments for BCM325 – Future Cultures. Its week 12, and we are all in the thick of perfecting our DA’s for submission. Some last minute tips and helpful insights is what we all need right now and this is what I came up with.

Firstly I comments on Emma’s Beta Pitch which is a DA I commented on way back in the beginning of semester. Chae is a business which has a magazine that looks into a variety of topics but wanted to add to this in line with what we have learnt over the semester in this subject. In the Beta they mention adding Tik Tok to gather a larger audience and become multi-platformed. They have also been uploading “sporadic” podcasts.

Emma’s (Chae) Comment:

I first looked at this DA when it was just a pitch and it’s…

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More than a Tweet- Part Two

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Since my last critical evaluation of my tweeting experience in BCM325, we have continued our sci-fi screenings and developed our critical thinking about future cultures. From the last lot of tweets we have viewed Blade Runner 2049, The Matrix, Alita Battle Angel, Ready Player One and finally to end the semester Robot and Frank.

After the last time I wrote about future cultures in the framework of the science fiction films, I have developed my skills in critically analysing the films with the lens of the theories and concepts we have learned in our lecture. I personally believe I have seen an improvement on the quality of my tweets and the converstations with other students surrounding the films.

For Week Six, as a cohort we viwed Blade Runner 2049. As we had prevously already watched and alaysed the original Blade Runner, it was interesting to see the developments of the…

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BCM325 – Beta Pitch… Future of the Movie Industry

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Created with Canva by Taylah Ide-Miller

As I have already completed all the research for the website, from now until week 13, I will be fine tuning the website and writing some more content and editing the content I already have prepared. As I am not as far along as I wanted to be, I have my work cut out for me. However, I am motivated and excited for what the finished product will look like. I feel as though the changes I have made to the project are beneficial and will act to acknowledge the concepts we have looked at in BCM325.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think and further improvements that I can make before Week 13.

Reference List:

Shoard, C & Pulver A 2020, ”If Bond moves again, it’s armageddon’: seven experts on the future of the film industry’, The Guardian, 9 October, viewed…

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More than just a Tweet

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Over the past five weeks in BCM325, we have been live tweeting to screenings of different films that are intrinscally linked to understanding future cultures. In week one we watched the classic black and white film Metropolis. In week two we watched Space Odysessy. Week three we watched the original Westworld. Week four we watched the 1989 Blade Runner and this week we watched the original anime movie Ghost in the Shell.

The live tweetig expeience was one to allow us to critically engage with the course content and analyse what the film depicts for our future. With starting with metropolis, which is arguably the most notorius film that focuses on the future, we were able to grasp what we would be dealing with for the rest of the semester.

In week one I was still a little confused on what the live tweeting experience would look like. I tweeted…

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BCM325 – Pitch Comments and Critical Self Reflection

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I feel as though I am a veteran at commenting on peoples pitches now I am in my fourth year. Posing questions, giving critical feedback and providing sources that could help with the DA, or in general be of interest in regard to the idea. For this subject, we do all of this within the lens of Future Cultures and all the concepts surrounding this.

The first comment I made was on Bronte’s Pitch idea. Her idea looked at making a short horror film based on mental health. The idea also includes contextual blog posts looking into the future of her project. I really engaged with this idea as mental health is a passion of mine. I am also an avid film lover so it was easy to get her some suggestions and pose some ideas that could help her with the project.

Bronte’s Comment:

Hey, this is a…

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BCM325 – Future of the Film Industry DA Pitch

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It is a hot topic of conversation around what movies, tv shows, board games and video games are going to be remade/revamped. News articles and media sites are all for trying to predict what is coming next, and having their say on which movies they think need to be/want to be remade. An article by Brew and Harley (2018) details an extensive list of spoken about, upcoming, reboot projects. Another article by Steinburg ( suggest movie ‘flops’ that deem a remake. Disney has a major hand in the realm of remaking movies, and is a top player in the film industry, an article by Campbell (2021) deatils the likelyhood that Disney will buy out another major film company MGM. How would this affect the future of film? Is disney were to get the rights to all MGM titles, can we expect reboots, sequals, prequals, tv shows? This is what my…

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