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Hi, I'm Taylor! I'm a third-year Marketing and Communications student studying at the University of Wollongong, with a passion for digital and social media. Follow me on Twitter @taylorsumelj for mediocre content.

BCM 325 – It Keeps Getting Beta

Give it a read!

Taylor Sumelj

If you haven’t already, read my original digital artefact pitch here, and the first two instalments of my digital artefact here and here.

My digital artefact beta is essentially a progress update on my blog series. Since my pitch, only minor changes have been made to my major work (slide 6), including broadening my audience to include aspiring and established professionals in the entertainment business, as opposed to those in the music industry specifically, and replacing my concluding audio piece with a YouTube video to better complement my digital artefact. Aside from these small adjustments to my original plan, my initial concept (slide 2) and methodology (slide 5) remain as originally proposed.

My beta presentation also highlights the extensive research conducted since beginning my digital artefact (slide 10), and the feedback received from peers (slide 7) and users (slide 16) in response to my major work thus far…

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BCM 325 Live-Tweeting Reflection (Part 1)

Taylor Sumelj

A core component of the BCM 325 Future Cultures subject is live-tweeting a selection of weekly screenings related to the course content. This post will provide a critical self-reflection of my first round of live tweets from weeks one to five, while suggesting areas of improvement for future live-tweeting. As this post is due the day of the final screening, I have elected to screen week five’s film, Ghost in the Shell (1995), independently, hence, the engagement for this week’s tweets will be significantly less than other weeks’ for this reason.

At the beginning of each screening, I dedicated two tweets to introducing the film to highlight how it relates to the Future Cultures subject. In each, I identified the week the screening was taking place, the film being screened, the year it was…

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BCM 325 Peer Digital Artefact Pitch Commentary

Taylor Sumelj

In BCM 325, we were required to comment and provide constructive feedback on three of our peers’ digital artefact pitches, after which we had to then to critically evaluate the feedback we provided. In doing so, it led me to critically evaluate my own digital artefact pitch and identify areas I did not address as well as I had originally thought, which will ultimately aid the construction of my eventual beta presentation towards the semester’s end. In particular, I identified a need to incorporate the subject lecture content in my digital artefact, which is something I overlooked during the initial pitch stage. I believe these peer comments have also enhanced my constructive feedback writing, which will hopefully improve the overall quality of my comments during the second round of peer evaluations following the beta presentation.

Blog 1: The Future of Alternative Subcultures

Paige’s digital artefact utilises a video essay to…

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Pitch Perfect: An Introduction to My Digital Artefact 3.0 – The Future of Me

Taylor Sumelj

When I was nine, my mum took me to my very first concert – The Veronicas’ Revenge is Sweeter Tour at the WIN Entertainment Centre. I immediately fell in love with the industry, and have always wanted to be a part of it in one way or another, though with no musical talents of my own, it wasn’t until I discovered my passion for social media and events that I knew what role I wanted to play.

Since that realisation, I’ve produced my own music blog titled Listed Loud, accepted many internships and work experience opportunities, and volunteered at countless music-related events, all in an attempt to kickstart my career and secure my future place in the industry. Considering this, it was only fitting to focus my digital artefact on the future of myself and my career aspirations.

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