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The Final Showdown

For the remainder of our BCM325 tweeting journey, my main focus was to correlate what I was viewing with the course content. I found that throughout the first film viewings and whilst I was getting a handle on the live-tweeting experience, I wasn’t drawing strong conclusions to what I had learnt within BCM325’s material. Having now viewed the remainder of our films for the semester, I have tried to provide evidence through quotes and reflection on ideas about what we have learnt in order to explain my feelings and thoughts on each film! In order to reflect my learnings, a select few tweets have been showcased from each week’s viewing to display my knowledge and interactions! Take a look!

Robot and Frank

Robot and Frank was one of the viewings that I enjoyed most. A completely different cinematic experience that left me thinking about it for days- just my cup…

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Live tweeting!

Throughout the course of BCM325, our class was expected to I participate in active discussion revolving around Futures Culture and its relation to several films in popular culture. I found the whole process different, new and exciting and you’re able to check out all of my live tweets here!

Engagement with peers
Throughout this process I thought it was extremely valuable to interact with my peers in order to touch base on our content and ensure we are bouncing off of each other and learning. This helped me to join in the conversation and ensure everyone felt included as a team. I interacted with me peers through a mixture of liking tweets to show my support, commenting my opinions and retweeting. Tweets and interactions like the ones displayed below were extremely helpful as it made me think about ideas that I normally never would have before.

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Peering In

This semester the BCM325 cohort took on the challenge of commentating on individual pitches in order to provide helpful feedback and to reflect on our own personal work. Below are exhibits of my comments and what I learnt throughout the process.

Peer 1- Pia


Within my comment, I noted that I thoroughly enjoyed Pia’s presentation and her aims of exploring how fashions trends have been affected by shifts in global events. While I believed this topic was great, I thought that Pia could be really specific in engaging her audience by noting exact events that are currently affecting fashions trends with this website. I also suggested the growing knowledge surround fast fashion due to COVID and the increased use of social media.


On reflection of my comment, I believe I learnt a lot from Pia’s DA and her approach to ideation and the FIST method. I hadn’t…

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Hey, You Should Be Reading This!

What I Intend to Create

I will be designing an Instagram based around books and recommending through the web space what people should read and why. I want to create a space that people find comfortable to visit and start conversations. The intention for this space is to venture into a bookselling website in which I send members books each month based on a personality quiz. I then want to take my business into the retail space, creating a blind date with a book business, pitching this to outlets around the South Coast and Highlands. People will find a wrapped book with hints at a local café, purchase this and find a read without judging the book by its cover!

Consider the DA methodology

I have started the process of making by creating my Instagram account, logo and name. I’m promoting this on my Instagram account through the use of…

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