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A 180 of a Digital Artefact


I have shifted focus for my digital artefact from the future of entertainment to the future of self, documenting my journey towards improving fitness and achieving set goals in regards to my workout regime. For my initial pitch my methodology was unclear, and a change in direction has allowed me to better plan my DA to meet the feedback from my initial idea, while also moving in a more positive direction that I have more passion for.

For this new concept, I aim to incorporate many of the lecture concepts mentioned in the pitch, reframing them to fit the new concept. The discussion around prediction and forecasting in part one of the week three lecture will still be relevant to the future focus of my digital artefact, as I look now to forecast my level of fitness in the months to come based on my advancement week to week. This…

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The Twitter Efforts of TheeFloydy


My approach to live tweeting as changed over the course of the past 5 weeks or so, alongside changes to class structure and screenings. But what came of it? Lets have a look.

Thought film provoked.png Figure 1

Thought film provoked 4.png Figure 2

When sharing my own thoughts that were provoked by a film’s content, I considered the concept of the “prehistory of the future” as was covered in the week two lecture (which is also an example of ‘visioning’, a term from week 4 coined by Elonora Massini). I tried to frame my opinions as questions or thoughts that considered the future as the films suggested it could look. Evidence of engagement can be seen in figure 2, and in further examples of this that can be seen on my Twitter, I attempted to pose questions regarding the future and what these films were suggesting that fellow students could comment on in engage with, as…

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A Reflection on Pitch Comments


Robot Podcast (Tamara Goldsmith)

Tamara’s idea for her digital artefact is to create a podcast that explores A.I and their ability to compliment jobs in the medium to long term. Creating 2-3 podcasts, she will focus on influencers that are digitally based, such as the given example of Lil Miquela. With this, she aims to make her content relevant to her target audience, exploring the benefits of artificial intelligence and going against the fears of many to instead shed some light on how A.I can be worked alongside.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 8.57.29 pm.png

My comment on Tamara’s pitch included references to the lecture concepts of the prehistory of the future as well as the idea of imaginaries. These are concepts I believe are relevant to her idea and approach and something she may find useful in her work moving forward. I also offered a variety of sources she could use to bolster her work, including…

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The Future of YouTubers, TikTok’ers and more…


As discussed in the video above, I’m looking to post a series of video essays looking at various online platforms for entertainment in order to predict what they could become in the future. This topic is inspired by the discussion in the week three lecture talking about prediction and forecasting, as I look to draw on the history of various social media sites to analyse the trends and consistencies, modifying them in a way that makes them plausible as a future reality. This is also in line with the week two discussion on Novums, a term coined by Darko Suvin to describe the “scientifically plausible innovations used by science fiction narratives.” They are a trend of current times, taken in isolation and modified into some future form, which is something I hope to emulate as I analyse current elements of social media entertainment, projecting them into my predicted future and…

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