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Wrapping up, a contextual essay

The Pink Protagonist

The future of technologies is still fluid, however, there are ways to predict where it may, or may not head, according to current trends in technological advancement. For the purposes of my own research project, I decided to mainly focus on technologies related to medical implantations for recreational use, and where I thought this technology is headed in 5, 10, 20- and 50-years’ time. While researching this I wanted to also take into consideration the ethical dilemmas that might arise with the implementation of this technology.

For my very first blog, my focus was on the entertainment industry. I did this as popular cultures such as movies and TV series are an easy way of introducing the wider population to a verity of concepts in a far less invasive manner. It is not to say that those who watch them are not somewhat frightened by the possibilities shown, but…

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Final tweets!!

The Pink Protagonist

So following on from my last blog about tweeting I have done my best to improve my skills. Live tweeting still isn’t something I enjoy that much, especially when I have not seen the film. I would rather stop and focus on the movie and blog about it later, but I gave it a good go anyway. The first issue that I wanted to address was my ability to send out quality tweets without spending my entire time looking at my own laptop screen. To address this, it was suggested that I pre-write out all my tweets in preparation for the day, and this is exactly what I did. I never aimed to have a full 10 tweets, but at least 5-6 good tweets with links to other information. I also made sure that this time, when I linked to information, that it was current and preferably a scholarly source…

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It’s feed back time!

The Pink Protagonist

This time around I was better prepared with feedback. I watched the videos a number of times to get a better grasp of the content that the person was trying to create, and with this information managed to find scholarly sources that were recent, that could help further the research they already had.

As far as blogging and commenting this time, I have installed Grammarly onto my computer HOPING that it will fix grammatical errors and spelling errors before I posted the comments.

Lachy Smith
Fashion and AI – A BETA Research Update

Smith’s Beta project was mainly gathering feedback for the purpose of assembling information to guide the direction of their research. Utilising an existing Instagram account they have chosen to ask 2 yes/no questions in relation to the fashion industries introduction of AI (Artificial intelligence). With this feedback in mind the direction of their research is looking at VR…

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Following up: Fictional Dystopian futures (Warnings and predictions)

The Pink Protagonist


I have reflected on how my first blog post has gone and I have also looked back over some of the feedback that I have received on the initial pitch for my project and the changes that I have made.

Forgot to mention that this blog has been shared to my twitter account, my personal facebook page, and has been re-tweeted by another Twitter user I know with a larger following than my own to help me promote it. So far, I have only had one comment from a friend with suggestions for more movies.

My new project will now consist of three blogs covering the ethical implications of microtechnologies and medical implants. I will be covering what this will look like in 5 years, with microchips, 10-20 years with nano-technologies and 50+ years with the potential for removing the needs for this technology altogether as we become wi-fi…

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Fictional Dystopian futures (Warnings and predictions)

The Pink Protagonist

The computer has evolved significantly over the last 40 years. From humble beginnings as a clunky grey box that sat on the desk in a room to slim pocket-sized phones that we can carry around with us where ever we go. It feels almost foreign in a way to think of the days before we were able to access information from around the world with the touch of a finger. But we are not done yet, and I believe there will be a day where we do away with the need for screens or even virtual reality goggles. What I am talking about, is, of course, medical implantations that will allow us to access information with our own thoughts. Implants that make our minds and bodies the computer and controller. There have already been trials with medical implants with Eduardo Kac becoming the first human to implant himself with a…

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Twittering away

The Pink Protagonist

So, I cannot say live tweeting is one of my favourite things to do when watching a movie for the first time, especially if that movie happens to require a certain level of concentration in order to appreciate what is happening. It was sort of almost like that annoying friend that won’t shut up during the good bits that means you miss key plot points. But I gave it my best effort and I have had mixed results.

Initially, in the first 2-3 weeks, the number of tweets I made was high and the content was, mostly, well researched or followed the movie well. But as far as engagement with my tweets went it was mostly limited to a few likes and the occasional comment. I also found in the first 2 weeks it was rather hard to follow the live tweets as even when I refreshed, they were not…

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Compliments & Critiques

The Pink Protagonist

Personal Reflection:

Overall I hope that my responses were helpful to each person. I did my best to find links to articles, websites and videos that were relevant to the topics that they had chosen. However, sometimes it was hard to find content within Australia, or information that was current. Similarly, if it was clear that they’d already covered a lot and their research was already extensive I was not sure if I was going to be able to add anything of real value apart from tiny suggestions on focus or how to present their work. I also made a huge error by commenting on the blog of someone I was not assigned to. I am not so much annoyed at the extra work I created for myself, but more the fact that this error almost resulted in me not commenting on the correct persons blog thus, they would have…

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DA Pitch

The Pink Protagonist

Disclaimer: I apologise about the volume of my voice. Seems something went wrong with the audio when I was rendering the video. You will need headphones. Also, I am aware of the mistake with the subject name. 😦 I will fix it for the next blog. 

For the purpose of my digital artefact I will be exploring the world of gaming, mainly how we interact with these games. I am hoping to explore the potential for medical implantations into our brains that would then allow our own thoughts to control avatars. I also intend to research game modifications and whether or not they will become a thing of the past, or will require better policing by gaming companies. This digital artefact will come in the form of short YouTube videos, podcasts and blogs. Each blog will cover one aspect of the main topic, such as current forms of brain implants…

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